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“A successful 2020 run.”

two times the charm

Sitting here and observing the landscape of the United States socially and politically, you can’t help but to acknowledge the idea of Trump winning twice. What could happen if anything from a second win? I know that a strong amount of the young demographic is now pushing back against the president. But is it really enough to stop a second run and ultimate victory?


There was yet another school shooting in Texas, and more gun debate. There are issues surrounding law enforcement and racial intolerance. All of which could negatively effect an economy. So what are people to do if there is a sharp downturn from nothing being created in society. We are creating separation among people, but no real economic growth. But is it all what it’s cracked up to be.

truth in lies

Is there anything to the idea that mass media is pushing a lot of the stories that are creating a crazy climate? And if so, is there something to gain financially from this climate of fighting. Is our economy really performing and this fighting is nothing more than just hype to scare people? What if the country is really on an upswing? Is this attributed to the Trump administration and what is being reported on the news does not tell the full story?

hard truth

In reality, it may be very difficult to win another election for Trump. Nearly half the country didn’t vote the first time and Hilary Clinton still almost won. Now there is a lot of those nearly half who wish they had voted in favor of Democrat. What could that mean for the Republican Party if people do show out? And if people show up and he wins twice, will the wave of social and political issues continue to be the face of the nation and overshadow the economic growth.

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“Lost of confidence.”

the dollar

The American currency has been the top currency of the globe for decades. But with the Euro and the Kuwaiti Dinar surpassing the dollar, what will be the next currency. We already have the British Pound which as it stands is also ahead of the United States. Will the Renminbi of China be next, or better yet the Rupee? From the looks of things, both the Chinese currency and Indian currency will have to do some serious building to surpass the American dollar.

staying strong

Even though the dollar has appreciated in value, the strength of the dollar has still continued to push ahead of everyone else. And that’s because of the spending power of the dollar. Which can throw someone off by saying its value is down but the strength is up. And the problem in our economy lies in the economy. We have job growth, but no real career growth. Meaning how many of those jobs are well-paid positions. But also, how many people are investing in us as well. Nonetheless we hold on to control.


The fact that we used to be the innovators and are no lounger the innovators is troublesome. We are more concerned with the social aspect of life than the building of life in this country. And once the that takes place, you tend to fall off. We sit around and wait for an administration to create something for us, instead of creating ourselves. And this is why immigrants are more suited at times to succeed in America than American born citizens. We want a party to do its job for us. They come to America with the notion you must do things yourself. And we need creations and building off of preexisting things to make life better.

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“What was in past may be our future.”

united areas

The United States borders as with any other country has went through multiple transformations over the past two hundred years. But could we be seeing another shift in the years to come? Could the United States borders change that could effect the overall economy? What would happen if the United States wanted to have a separate economy based on regions?

It happened in the past at one point in time. That is when the Confederacy ruled in the South. But the cash cow was slavery, and I don’t ever see America returning back to those ways again. But what about other means of commerce.

political strife

Designated areas of America have long been associated with certain political views which are rapidly changing over time. Alabama, for instance, election which recently put a Democrat into power is a landmark victory for them. But a lot of the change came not just because of allegations against senator Roy Moore, but also because of the party associated with Roy.

Yet, the victory rubbed a lot people the wrong way. But also, the victory was great for a lot of people. And elections like this have taken place all over the country which could lead to people removing themselves from certain aspects of American society.

nothing to lose

It all boils down to what do you truly have to lose. Because there are so many areas in America where the employment is drastically low. There are no signs of jobs coming back to these areas, so why not create your own economy. Especially when you observe the Midwest; a region that was dominated by the automotive industry. Now the region which once was the face of America has  been long forgotten.

Because if something does not happen to improve the lives of individuals in certain regions, we could slowly see a rebellious viewpoint of citizens to remove themselves from each other.

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“We were kings, kings no more.”

our economy

The United States economy has been the leaders of of the world for decades as far as our economy. But in the recent years, the country of China has become the new face of the global marketplace. Their GDP eclipsed the United States, and there could be others to come along next. Yet the United States has since then regain control as the number one country.

But who will it be to surpass the United States? And another question is, why would another country surpass the United States? A country which has long been the nation that the rest of the world looked to as the standard.


As I said before, we all know that the country of China is America’s main competition. But who is next to come from behind and rival our country?


They are a force to be reckoned with, not only because their economy as it pertains to GDP is fourth in the world, but they are also known for their Image resultengineering. America is not the innovators of the world anymore, and Germany ever since the fall of the Berlin Wall has been making leaps and bounds in growing their economy. Who knows, they could be the pinnacle of freedom in the future.


A fast growing economy that is rapidly in a position to rival China with a growth rate increase by at least .1% each year. Doesn’t sound like much, but Horizontal tricolor flag bearing, from top to bottom, deep saffron, white, and green horizontal bands. In the centre of the white band is a navy-blue wheel with 24 spokes.when you are talking trillion dollar economies, even .1% is a lot of growth. That means India currently has approximately a $2.2 trillion economy; with .1% growth, that’s $2.2 billion dollars.


Japan has had to rally back from an economic crash that took place in the Image resultearly 1990’s. But they are on the upswing with an economy that is fifth in the world. They could eventually be the next nation in the distant future to rival the United States.

it ain’t all about numbers

Even with so many countries coming from behind the United States, it’s not all about the numbers. There is a personal/social piece that makes America stand out from the rest. And freedom that we have exist, but there are also major barriers in other countries as well. Don’t get me wrong, we have our problems, but we are a tough force to be reckoned with on Earth.

You would need more than just numbers to surpass America. Because we still have a population of whatever group could pass us in America contributing to this country.

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“What if confidence is lost?”

 The United States currency has been a long subject of debate. And that debate is, what is our money really worth? Because in reality it’s just paper. And the real confidence is in our economy. Because if our economy begins to decline, then what are these sheets of paper? Well then, could it happen? Could we see America fall into a second Great Depression twice in America’s history? With the industrial age looking more and more like something of the past, what is going to replace it? It’s going to be this new technological space. Yet we have an uneducated populace who are not only unaware, but not willing to learn this new way. And with that comes uncertainty within the market. And now what you have is uncertainty in our dollars as well. So what do you do about the potential value of the American dollar falling or even collapsing?

The fear of this could send the nation into a tail spin. We are already behind the Euro and the British Pound. And with China now the largest economy in the world, who knows, their currency could be next to surpass us. Then, once all these different currencies start to pass us, can we truly say we are still this great nation? How are we such a great place when places that are seen by us as not as great surpassing us? That image dies and so does the status of America. Now, am I saying brace yourself for a catastrophe, no. But we should be mindful of the sensitivity of the market. Let’s say though for a minute that our system does collapse. What could this mean for the countries who we owe money to in debt? Would this mean that we would have to start cyphering off assets we do have left.

These various assets could mean natural resources, or better yet, land. Imagine the chaos if people found out that we no longer were in control of our land anymore. Like I said, this is still a stretch, but it has happened before. And in the end, that is the true fear. Chaos has happened once before. And for some reason, we as people tend to always forget history and repeat the same mistakes. Hopefully, we are able to maintain our confidence in our dollars and our economy can grow. Otherwise, we’ll fall victim to our own lack of hubris and ignorance. (PERSONAL WEBSITE) (FAN PAGE)   

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“Feeling the pain of a major economic shift.”

The United States of America have always had shifts in the economics in this country. Whether it was using the cotton gin and reducing slave labor, to switching over to the combine from mule pulling. Now the country has jumped into this new tech space and people are railing regarding the state of employment as that leap takes place. In our nation, we have had so many people geared toward knowing how to accomplish a single task based job. But a task based job versus a career is different. When you are engaging in a task that is something along the lines of working at a McDonald’s or a WalMart super center. A career is more specialized form of employment such as an engineer or a physician.

So one of the daily duties is specialized while the other requires minimal training. And this is what has so many Americans afraid for their futures. We live in a country where so many people have been skilled throughout Gray Scale Photo of Car Factoryhistory in a daily task. Meaning, working in a factory at a machine, and sometimes being rotated to another machine so as not to become too complacent. As technological innovation increased, there was a lack of need for the human element. And when I say human element, I don’t mean decreasing the use of people all-together. I mean the work has become a lot more specialized. For example, instead of using people at a work station at various stages of manufacturing a vehicle, you now have a machine conducting the entire process. And then you hire an engineer who specializes in keeping the machine on track, you don’t need a base of employees.

But if you are not a specialized individual, what is out here for you? To so many Americans, they fill there is nothing for them. And you know what, they would be wrong. There are a lot of opportunities, as a matter of fact, Low Angle View of Office Building Against Skymore than almost anytime prior history. In the past, we weren’t as connected as we are in today’s society. We, in today’s society are open to the global market to make the decision. So I can conduct business with someone living in China from my living room in Iowa. Because of so much government intervention, this made the business transaction impossible in the past. But as more country’s governments become lax, the world is becoming more and more of a single global entity. But, what does this all mean to the person who is out of work.

If you worked in factories for years, you know absolutely nothing about conducting international business. You most likely barely understand how
Black Samsung Tablet Display Google Browser on Screendomestic business is conducted. You just want a 9 – 5, medical, dental, four weeks paid vacation, and maternity leave. But those days are over. Why, well because to be productive and efficient, you don’t need the human element. So with the introduction of automation, the process is more seamless. Now, if you don’t have a skill that falls along the lines of tech, then you have Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Nearly anything you want to understand and learn is on these social mediums. You can self-educate and earn a living whereas prior years you had to go to some type of collegiate institution or get accepted through a training program.

Now, what if you don’t have the patience to learn something new. Well unfortunately, it’s tough shit. It sounds harsh, but that’s where we’re at right now, and I don’t see it ever going back. See, in the end, we are in a battle in society. Those that want to move forward, and those that want life to remain the same. Younger generations are more tech savvy and want efficiency without having to utilize manpower. While older generations want life to maintain equilibrium; something they’re used to working. But the standard has been sat. So you can role with the punches or lose out completely; evolve of die. 

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“Growing up in two worlds can he tough.”

Growing up going to school in one environment, but living in another can be a positive and a negative experience. For me, this was the case as well as my sisters in our lives. But unlike our small city life, when you live in major metropolitan city, the adjustment can be quite interesting. Where you have a kid that might be growing up in a housing project and going to school elsewhere. I see it all the time in New York City. Kids going to school at some academy while the other kids go to public schools. And the tough part is if you grow up as a poor child. Well, what are the good things or bad things that can come from living in two worlds?

On the positive side, you get a chance to see kids growing up in a world that is foreign to you. And when I say foreign, it’s you know kids have means above you, but not like what you’re witnessing. It gives you something to strive for, unlike the kids who grow up in your neighborhood. They’re going to schools where graduating from high school is a blessing. You’re not expected to do much after that. At the academy, you are asked your plans for the future in as early as elementary school. Kids in the academic environments of private institutions skills are cultivated at young ages. Since expectations are so low in poor areas, kids are forced to feel out life as time goes on.

But, are their any negatives in seeing so much that you don’t have access to society. The downside is that you grow to have so much resentment with the idea of so few having so much, and so many having nothing. You can’t understand as a child why your environment is in so much turmoil. Another obvious issue you run into while living in these two worlds is that the ethnic makeup of the children. A lot of poor areas in New York City are predominantly Latino and African American, while the groups who retain more economic influence are Jewish, East Asian (Chinese, Japanese, Korean), and Southwest Asian (Indian). Your inner circle may create a bind with the people in your community and yourself.

In the end, that’s the hardest part of living in the two worlds. You lose a connection to the people in your community. Even though you live in a neighborhood, you’re actually more likely to make friends with kids you’re in school with; why? Well, because you’re in school the majority of the time. You meet kids in your neighborhood on the fly. And that loss of connection will start to make you question the environment where you live. People in the community live life as normal, but you know the other side. You’ve seen the top 15%, or %10, or even 1%. You will grow to have a stronger work ethic, yet at the same time, you may become detached from your immediate community.