One U.s. Dollar Beside 100 Philippine Pesos

“Lost of confidence.”

the dollar

The American currency has been the top currency of the globe for decades. But with the Euro and the Kuwaiti Dinar surpassing the dollar, what will be the next currency. We already have the British Pound which as it stands is also ahead of the United States. Will the Renminbi of China be next, or better yet the Rupee? From the looks of things, both the Chinese currency and Indian currency will have to do some serious building to surpass the American dollar.

staying strong

Even though the dollar has appreciated in value, the strength of the dollar has still continued to push ahead of everyone else. And that’s because of the spending power of the dollar. Which can throw someone off by saying its value is down but the strength is up. And the problem in our economy lies in the economy. We have job growth, but no real career growth. Meaning how many of those jobs are well-paid positions. But also, how many people are investing in us as well. Nonetheless we hold on to control.


The fact that we used to be the innovators and are no lounger the innovators is troublesome. We are more concerned with the social aspect of life than the building of life in this country. And once the that takes place, you tend to fall off. We sit around and wait for an administration to create something for us, instead of creating ourselves. And this is why immigrants are more suited at times to succeed in America than American born citizens. We want a party to do its job for us. They come to America with the notion you must do things yourself. And we need creations and building off of preexisting things to make life better.

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