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“What was in past may be our future.”

united areas

The United States borders as with any other country has went through multiple transformations over the past two hundred years. But could we be seeing another shift in the years to come? Could the United States borders change that could effect the overall economy? What would happen if the United States wanted to have a separate economy based on regions?

It happened in the past at one point in time. That is when the Confederacy ruled in the South. But the cash cow was slavery, and I don’t ever see America returning back to those ways again. But what about other means of commerce.

political strife

Designated areas of America have long been associated with certain political views which are rapidly changing over time. Alabama, for instance, election which recently put a Democrat into power is a landmark victory for them. But a lot of the change came not just because of allegations against senator Roy Moore, but also because of the party associated with Roy.

Yet, the victory rubbed a lot people the wrong way. But also, the victory was great for a lot of people. And elections like this have taken place all over the country which could lead to people removing themselves from certain aspects of American society.

nothing to lose

It all boils down to what do you truly have to lose. Because there are so many areas in America where the employment is drastically low. There are no signs of jobs coming back to these areas, so why not create your own economy. Especially when you observe the Midwest; a region that was dominated by the automotive industry. Now the region which once was the face of America has  been long forgotten.

Because if something does not happen to improve the lives of individuals in certain regions, we could slowly see a rebellious viewpoint of citizens to remove themselves from each other.

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