Red Amazon Danbo on Brown Wooden Surface
“Monogamy gone bad.”


While the pandemic has been going on, there has been series of personal problems. And one of those issues has to do with people’s monogamous relationships. I have been hearing about so many problems in the news living here in New York City with domestic abuse. Spouses have been abusing their mates, even a few incidents where men have taken the lives of their significant others. It’s a very sad reality that men are attacking their girlfriends and wives with such visceral behavior. But what is behind all this bad blood in the households of not just this city, but many other U.S. cities.

Now, what has been causing all this to take place. Some are blaming it on the fact that people are forced to stay in the house with each other. On a normal day-to-day, men and women are moving about their lives. Being forced to live in the house with someone for nearly a year, you have to deal with the things you normally ignored because you were so busy. Now, I have my opinions regarding why so many people are going through these problems. And that to me is more than just the pandemic of being stuck at home.

People are going through so many problems in their relationships, but they don’t recognize it. And those problems are magnified once the lockdown took place. Because now you have to deal with all the bad things you don’t like about someone. So you have people ending long term relationships in a matter of months because they don’t know what to do. They have given up and there is no looking back. Only problem is we are looking at another wave of panic buying, sicknesses, and also evictions. So with people fighting, this can’t be good for the people giving up on their relationships.

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