I Voted Sticker Lot
A nation on the edge of their seats.

As you all have been watching, we are witnessing what seems to be the biggest United States presidential election in history. Joe Biden versus Donald J. Trump in the race for the next leader of the country in this 2020 election. Since the pandemic has caused everyone to be locked into their homes, we have to utilize the process of mail in voting. A process that we have not had to ever do in such mass. So instead of the election being called in a night, we are on the third day of the election. And to add to it, the numbers are almost exact for the electoral votes. Whoever wins, the nation will be almost split down the middle.

How did the country become so deadlocked in this election? We have all these different views as to why the nation has become so polarized. You could say the pandemic or even the level of social disconnect. Throw in the there also that fact that jobs that were guaranteed di not happen. Or even how the people expected the media to be more fair and balanced. It just looks like Trump picked up more voters and Biden picked the Hilary voters that didn’t come out to the poles last election.

Who will win as we get so close. There is literally one more day until we not only pick a leader, but choose someone that will stop the nation. So, who will win the most electoral college votes, Biden or Trump?

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