How to Fix American Policing | The Marshall Project

“Hands up, don’t shoot!”


In the United States over the years the relationship between the inner city African American community and law enforcement has been fractured for decades. But a few months back, the killing of George Floyd in the city of Minneapolis by a police officer set off protest across the country. And since then there has been two more police shootings across the country, as well as right before the Floyd killing. I don’t see the protest stopping, especially considering that the officers have not been found guilty of the crimes. So what will happen of the country here and after?


 We say defund the police, some say abolish the police. But the reality is that the United States will not be getting rid of the law enforcement in America. And the funny thing is that most people call 911 when they are in need of some help. This creates a bind in a person who is a protestor. Or does it not? Because people are fighting police brutality, that means law enforcement is needed, but there needs to be more training. We can all recognize there is crime that needs to be controlled, but not at the cost of making the community feel like the criminals should feel.


Remember the September 11th attacks on the World Trade towers in New York City and the Pentagon in Washington D.C. Understand who ran into those buildings to save people. It was firefighters and police officers. That means that law enforcement is the first line of defense in case of a terrorist attack. So if there is something more sinister than 9/11, such as combat, then the people and law enforcement are going to need each other. That sounds crazy, but remembering that day when I was in middle school, it was crazy. So there has to be a coming of the minds because neither law nor people are going anywhere.

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