US election 2020: A really simple guide - BBC News

“Who will win?”


The United States is currently in a stand still because of the Corona Virus outbreak. And to add to the hysteria, we are in the middle of a presidential election. And with people being told to social distance, how do we all manage to vote for the two candidates? We have been given the choice to have mail in voting which could lead to so many problems. But with the current issues, so many are not even talking about the elections as much as they should. And the month of November is right around the corner.


As we come upon the election, more and more people have socially become distant from each other. And with that this election could prove to create an even more divide than before.  Donald Trump, the current president that has been seen as controversial with so many of his statements and actions. On the other side you have Joe Biden who was the former Vice President under Barack Obama. Both men have given yet another reason for the nation to be fighting back and forth.


What will happen if either Donald Trump or Joe Biden win the White House? I don’t know exactly what will take place, but I do know this much. There will be some very upset people on both ends of the presidential sides. People have been waiting for this moment for the past few years and the disappointment on both sides will be large scale. It may even cause the protest to get larger and more intense.

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