Man Playing Game on Personal Computer

“Play to win, literally.”

power on and play

Parents for years have told their children that life is not all about playing games. Then you see over the years how gaming has become so lucrative. No one would have ever imagined that gamers would be making six figure, some seven figure salaries. And what are they really doing, playing video games, testing video games. But this month is about sports and from a Real Sports with Bryant Gumble, episode a question was asked. And that was, “Should gamers be rewarded scholarships like athletes?” Because gaming has gotten so big that it is now considered sport. My only criticism is, is it really? I define athletics a little differently, some don’t.

who is an athlete

To me, I look at the athletes who compete in sports as a physical task in whatever it is they are doing. It’s their own human skill, not their ability to work around a computer system. Because if we are going to add gamers as athletes, why not chess players. Because to me, chess is more impressive than gaming. Another reason gaming is not athletics to me is because let’s say we are playing a sports video game. No one is buying a video game playing with gamers. You buy Madden to play with NFL players or a baseball came to play with MLB players. So if gamers are athletes, then traditional athletes are superstars. Because there will never be a game where gamers take the profile of gamers to play other gamers. There is no real objective to the game. It would be like playing the Playstation so we can play this guy with a high score against this guy with a high score in a game. So it becomes a game in a game that no one wants to play.

we play, just a different kind of sport

They may not be athletes in the traditional sense. But let’s for a second assume that they are athletes. They would fall under the category of amateur sport. Now, the big gamers don’t play sporting games, they play well known fantasy or first person shooter games. Still some people are not convinced, but we have to look at it as competition. That doesn’t mean sport because of competition, since physical activity is involved. But, also remember, there is a entertainment for spectator aspect to the competition that could make it a sport. What makes gamers upset that they are not seen as athletes is that what they do: skills, competition, tournaments resulting in championships, cooperation, are integral to sports. Yet, still, the real objective of sports is your human skill against mine. What would make gamers athletes is if they turned their favorite games real. So that it was their physical ability versus the other person. So let’s turn Call of Duty into a sport, but on second let’s not. Because that’s not sport, that’s war, making it more violent than any sport out here.

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“Play hard or go home.”

teach them young

When your child is young, it is very important to teach them about winning and losing. Only problem is that in today’s society they are taught we are all winners. And this is just not so. You have to work hard to become a winner and work even harder to stay a winner. But once that changes we fail them. Sports is a great life lesson at an early age. You learn about not just winning and losing; you learn compromise, team efforts, competition, and how to deal with not being chosen. Tough for a child to comprehend, but it’s best they learn sooner than later.

everyone gets a trophy

Playing and winning a championship trophy is supposed to mean something. But when you are given something for just competing and that’s it, you could be setting a dangerous precedent. A trophy means you accomplished something. You were able to take on the best and defeat the best. It’s supposed to build confidence. But what is the purpose in handing them out if we all get one. Sure, there are going to be kids not as good as others. Here is where you find out what you’re good at in life. This is where you teach kids to realize their strengths and weaknesses. Not give them a false sense of confidence with ribbons that are 10th and 11th place.

there is no i in lost

Understand that you lost, but it was a team effort. There is no single person responsible for the lose. That is something to communicate to children as parents. We make them feel like they were out there alone. And the reality is, they are not. Even in a singular sport like track and field. There is a point system that even your single event contributes to overall. With that team support system they are able to also take that lose with grace.

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People Running during Daytime

“All about the dollar.”

the art of the deal

As you notice over the years the athletic contracts are getting bigger and bigger. But what you don’t see are too many women getting signed to major deals. And what would be the reason for them not getting the big dollars like their male counterparts? Could it be because they are women, or maybe because of the money? Men sports generate more dollars than that of females. So wouldn’t make more sense that the men earn more. Because if you think of what Lebron James is to Nike, why would any woman make the same amount? So why all the fight over bigger contracts when it’s obvious why there is an inequality?

the women who win

Let’s not act like there aren’t women who are making more than top males in sports: Venus Williams, Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova, Lindsay Von, Caroline Wozniacki, Danica Patrick, Ronda Rousey, and a few others. Now notice some of the women I named are tennis players. That is because the highest paid female athletes are tennis players. Why, well it’s because the sport of tennis is more appealing and bring in more attention from fans than any other female sport. So to assume it’s anything else could only be described as misleading. But, even in tennis the men are higher paid than the females. Roger Federer (approx. $77 million in 2018) being the highest paid male and Serena Williams (approximately $18 million in 2018) being the highest paid female.

same sex support

How come you don’t see more support from the female side of sports? When you look at the NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, you see jerseys that are made specifically to target a female demographic. And it usually consists of the color pink and white or black, or even both. Most women just wear the regular jersey. And the reason for women not supporting other women sports as much as the men is simply because it is not as exciting even to other women. Watching the NBA playoffs and finals are better to women than the WNBA finals.And that is why tennis has so much attention because it has that appeal to it.

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athlete, ball, basketball

“One in a 4,000 to 12,000.”

going pro

“With the number one pick of the ______draft, the _______ select_____________ from the University of_____________________.” These are the words so many collegiate athletes will not hear. And if you read my previous post about hoop dreams you would know this, but this topic is about something else. It’s about something so much more sinister. And the reason I say sinister is because it actually is the degrading of an entire community. When you have millions of young boys wanting a job only 1:4,233 will get in the NFL and 1:11,771 in the NBA, there is a problem. And that problem is that unless you are able to play a sport or better yet, have a career in entertainment, what are your odds of success. When in reality, the avenue to other careers is a lot more practical.

i want to be what i see

I grew up in an environment where you didn’t see Black doctors, lawyers, engineers, or even that many school teachers. Everybody was struggling to survive, or breaking the law to do so. But, the main thing that benefited me is that I went to schools where you were encouraged to be different and dream it up in life. Now, my career path is geared toward being a self employed artistblack female, cabinet, discussing (Indie film, author, photography, podcasting), but I found this path. I went to business school because I thought it was something I wanted to do. On the other hand, so many young Black males only see the face of success in being the athlete or entertainer. You don’t see the other professionals because once they become successful, they remove themselves from the environment from which they once lived. And then there is always the typical slang rocks without the jump shot. So the idea that criminality is the option outside of winning the lottery is problematic as well.

s.w.o.t. your life

Your life needs to go through a SWOT analysis. But this is something I learned in graduate school pertaining to business. But it can also be used to your advantage in life. Know you strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This is something I constantly think about in my own life that so many Black males growing up don’t have or even know about. Meaning, you are 5’9″, your odds of being an NBA All-Star is rare.  That would be seen as a weakness, and knowing only how to dribble a ball is a threat. But what about the opportunities and strengths. A strength to a young Black male may be something we never knew we had, and opportunities are all around us. I live in New York City, being a photographer, you have the city in your hands to do as you please artistically. That is an endless opportunity. But with the same trends headed in the direction its headed, Black women, who have already outgrown us in education and jobs, will be even further. They don’t have a hoop dream because female athletes don’t get big money. 

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Coins Inside Jar

“Why they lose it all.”

new money

When you are a young male coming from an impoverished environment or even coming from the middle class, you have all these dreams in regards to money. Buying this lavish home and living a life that you never thought you would be living. but then it happens, and all of a sudden you can afford that house. You can now go out and buy that lavish car and those clothes you looked at through windows. But there is a catch to all this money, and that is it does not last forever. So you have to spend wisely and also pay your bills on top of that as well. Red and Brown Floral Stair Carpet

when the game is over

As the game passes you by and it’s time to move on to the next thing, now what? You have been spending so much money that you forgot about the end nearing. So here you are, broke with nothing to your name. A place where so many athletes have found themselves once they retire from the league. You are destitute and scrambling for answers as to what you will do to generate an income. And this is where you notice athletes make even more vital mistakes. They start dumping money into ideas that fall apart even quicker than spending. But see, there has to be more that meets the eye. All of them can’t be spending excessively.

reality versus fiction

When you see guys going pro, it means that they are overnight millionaires, wrong. Most of them are name you will never know who make around $500,000 per year before taxes. And their careers are on average 3 years long. So when you hear that someone made $1.5 million over 3 years, that is a lot relative to the average American. But when you factor in the fact that you have to make that money stretch after the league and taken into consideration the money you lived off of while playing, it’s not much. $1.5 million minus taxes equals about $800,000 with the average home around $250,000. $550,000 after 3 years is way less, and you’re talking working a regular nine to five. Because you’re retired, but you can’t retire fully off the money you have made.

big money go broke as well

Here is a level that is difficult to comprehend when athletes go broke. It is the level where guys are making over their career $50 million, $100 million, or even $200 million. How in the world do they go broke? And the reason is taking care of others, bad investments, and not watching their finances. They live a lifestyle that billionaires don’t even live. Taking care of multiple people who are not bringing in incomes can run up a bill as well. So it all falls apart eventually.

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Nfl Stadium Field Full With Crowd Watching the Game during Daytime

“Role models, really?”

the chosen ones

For the longest, athletes have been seen as these role models, especially to a younger generation. But what happens when the onus is on the athlete to raise the children of society. Because that is what being a person who is the athlete has become. It used to be people looked to politicians for the direction of a nation. Now people are looking to their entertainment as a means of productivity and raising children. And when you look at the mental issues of people in the public eye, it’s no wonder a society has them as well. But in my opinion, being a role model and mirroring your life after another person is different. But why so much pressure?

vintage americans

Elvis, was a role model, as was the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Frank Sinatra. How about the athletes like Johnny Unitas and Joe Namath. But they were not expected to raise people’s children. These guys partied, drank, had women, some guys even did drugs. But American didn’t care because everyone had their own existence. Now, we look at these men and say how they don’t carry themselves as role models like the guys in the past. When in reality, guys today carry themselves better now because there is such a spotlight on them. So for me there seems to be this much needed use of oversight into the households of so many in today’s society that was not needed in the past.

money means a lot

I bought something that was yours, so now I can do whatever. This mentality that I bought a t-shirt, that gives me a piece of real estate over you. But that mind frame is very selective in society. Because we contribute to a lot of stuff that we would never think to just walk up to a politician and snap a photo. And we are the people who personally elect them to office. We also throw vast amounts of money into brands, and if we see the CEO who runs the company, we wouldn’t dare approach them with ridiculous behavior making demands. There is a comfort that people have with one we wouldn’t dare with the other.

no self control, no home control

People don’t have a lot of control in their own lives, so this is their control. They know that sports and entertainment will fold when they get upset, so we place these labels like role model on them. We can’t connect to our children, so the best way to connect is buying them more toys. But the reality is that parents want television to raise children and also want some form of control because they don’t have life control.

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Image result for PATRIOTS

“They win we cheer, they keep winning we hate.”

a winning franchise

Since the early 2000’s, the New England Patriots have been a powerhouse franchise. Years removed from the franchise that no one really seemed to care about in football. They were like the Golden State Warriors before the Warriors took off. And the reality behind the constant winning is that people feel detached from you after a while. They want to see the Goliath lose eventually so they can enjoy the movie. And the Patriots are ruining the movie for people. Now, if you are a Pats fan, then you love the winning. But from the others in society, they hate the idea that the same team keeps winning. People want to see the movie play out how they like to see it play out.

i experience enough loss

Times used to be, you went to work, got off, came home, and lived your existence. Now everywhere you turn you are reminded of what you don’t have in life. No place is more evident, then in the Instagram world of watching people enjoy their great life. Even if it’s a facade, we still get upset at our own existence. And now add the team that keeps on winning, like I said earlier, it ruins your movie. That’s why Philadelphia’s Super Bowl win last year was so big. We like the movie where it all comes down to the underdog winning. Had the Patriots have won, they would be hated more now than ever before. And that could be even more real if they win this year.

never lose, really, never

When you don’t lose, suspicion arise. And what happens, there were investigations surrounding the Patriots. Because if they are winners always, it’s hard to believe. So now we have to try anything to bring down the Goliath to prove they are doing something wrong. Which is what happened, causing Tom Brady to miss several games in the beginning of last season. And that is what it comes down to, you must be cheating to always win. No one realizes the chip on the shoulder of so many on the team that never were supposed to make it, but did. And that is the reason for the fight in them. Tom Brady damn near last draft pick to Malcolm Butler barely making the NFL after previously working at Popeyes.

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