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“All work and no playtime.”

work work work

People such as myself, work and work and work, without really taking a day off to just rest. But when you are so motivated how do you rest. Well, there is something to be said about working less and enjoying life. Because for starters, tomorrow is not promised. But for the most part, if you live to be a great age, do you really want to look back and all of your youth was spent grinding to be successful.

what’s driving you

When you’re driven, others will look at you like what is wrong with this person. But they live their lives working and home, working and home. So it’s hard for them to understand why you’re so driven. They don’t see the things you see in life. And if they do, it’s so murky, the odds of getting to that successful point in life is not in reach. But your dreams are in reach, which is why it’s such an obsession to work. If people could for a second see into your mind they would understand your fight.

running out of time

Where are you going? Seems like you’re headed nowhere fast. Some people you never indulge work until time has depleted. You don’t understand that when you’re working and working, days turn to weeks, weeks to months, and then years of your life are gone. So if you’re working all the time, it better be for something great. You better be in the process of carving out a name that will live on forever. Because you are sacrificing  a lot of precious time on Earth.

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