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“You will pay, or you won’t use.”


YouTube has been a platform for video and/or audio content since the year 2005. And over the past 13 years, it has grown in massive size. It is no longer just that content platform for just showcasing you to the world. It is now a medium for entertainment content as well. But will it ever be a place where people are charged a fee for usage?


You can already upload content for people to purchase just as you would any other site. Only difference between YouTube and lets say Netflix, is that Netflix is a lot more selective. You have to have a following for your content. And then they will take a risk on investing in you. But with YouTube, you can sell directly to consumers, where YouTube takes a cut.

And if you decide to stream for free, understand that streaming dollars are very small for the person who is capitalizing. Still, what are the opportunities if YouTube decides to change up the game and start charging and being selective.


Right now, the majority of people you subscribe to on their channel, you can see their content for free. But this could also be a change to the site. Because YouTube may not charge the users, but the people who want a channel. Then, that would mean, the channel owners have to now charge for people to see their content. This would cut down on people uploading property not their own like song lyrics with the videos.

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Then again, what if the people who use YouTube start to reject the new method. Then you would have this wide open market for people looking elsewhere. Or, the other decision is people paying because they want to use it so bad. Then again, some new young budding entrepreneur could use this as an opportunity to start their own new YouTube.

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