“What’s ok and what’s not?”

topics for talking

Have you ever wondered why there are certain topics that you can showcase on television or in film, but when someone else talks about it or another topic people tend to get sensitive? Meaning, if you make a film about being handicap, gay, a certain ethnic group’s struggles, or gender related it’s fine. But the moment a joke is told by a comedian, then the rules change.

Who decided that we are going to live in a society where everything must be handled with kid gloves? But who also decides who can talk about what and how they talk about the subject?

giving up power

We always ask how did we lose the ability to express ourselves the way we do so. Well, it’s not the government that took those rights away. We willingly give them away. We see something on television or film that offends us, and then we automatically rally against it. And that is fine when the subject at hand is truly truly offensive. But what does that mean anymore?

It seems that anything in today’s society is going to offend someone. So how do you decide who is able to speak and how they are able to speak in the medium of film and television?


“In context,” is something that is lost in our society. You can’t say anything that may be taken out of context. Yet anything said in the forum of entertainment can always be taken out of context. And that is because not only are there offensive subjects in society, but people look for reasons to be angry as well.  Yet, we can be quite selective with what offends us.

Like I said earlier, a film about a rape victim, we can showcase an actual simulated rape, but not a joke. There is nothing funny about sexual assault, but showing the actual incident on screen should also strike a nerve in people. But people have a hard time taking something that feels painful and making light of it because there is a high degree of vulnerability. And no one wants to be vulnerable.

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cinema, dark, display

“Really, used for learning.”

the television

When the television was first invented, it was designed to be used as a tool to educate the public. Now, the television is used as a medium to entertain people. Image result for first tvAnd for the longest, the entertainment came from the radio. So how and why did it change over time? Because I think the television can still be used as an educational tool, but we choose not to use it for such method.

what have we learned

Once we realized in society that we could use not only language, but the imagery coming from the television as a means to push an agenda, that is when television transformed. Because now you have a way to dramatically play out what it is you have to say. Before on radio, you had to conjure up your own image, which forced people to have a creative mind.

But today, television doesn’t make you think anymore. And that comes from having to compete with the internet. So now, the television is more so built around who can get information out there the fastest, not necessarily who can educate the public. Yet, the public ourselves can still be educated, but choose not to. Then again, what is real and fake anymore in our society.

the new television

What’s interesting about the television’s original use, is that it still exist, but on the internet. And it exist on the YouTube website. That’s right, YouTube is not only a website where we listen to music and watch entertaining content, but there are also tutorials to learn trades. Anything you want to learn, someone has a YouTube channel dedicated to teaching you.

Image result for youtube

Doesn’t matter if it’s woodcarving, painting, or even learning mathematics, someone has a video for it. This would be a case of the television innovated from what it was in it’s origins.

what next

With the continuous innovation of the AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) capabilities what will be the next tool for learning. Because these headsets are already trying to make their way into schools across the country. Image result for ar and vrBut eventually, they will prove to be a problem as well. And then, we’re going to have to continue past this point as well.

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Crescent Moon and Cloud Wind Chimes

“They have a job, but not raising our children.”

not their parents

Whenever I see parents get angry at the celebrities for letting their children down, it always struck me as odd. How did they let your child down? That i your job to let them down in life. If your child’s life crumbles because of the indiscretions of athletes or entertainers, then you as a parent failed somewhere. There is no reason why athletes and entertainers should be the driving force in your child’s life.

transfer responsibilities

A lot of parents unlike the past have to work nine to five jobs. Where as in the past the father worked and mom stayed home. Now there is little time to focus on the child because parents have to work. So now, more then ever, we are seeing the kid gain so much of their insights from the internet and entertainment.

Now is that the fault of the entertainer, no because their job is to entertain not teach. and parents have become upset that they are not able to have a career and have their children. So now, every single public figure now becomes the parent to the kid when the biological parent isn’t around.

maybe it’s you

Parents hate to admit that their child/children are the way they are because of bad parenting. But a lot of the problems that persist from parents is just that; parenting. Saying I have to work is not good enough because they are your responsibility. So no matter what, people will look to you as the parent. Because if you’re not going to shift blame for their success, don’t be so quick to shift blame for failures.

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Image result for walk of fame

“Their value is just not the same.”

the walk of fame

So many people in American society have always wanted to visit the Hollywood Walk of Fame. But for the performers that have been immortalized on the walk, it’s something much bigger. Anyone in the arts know that having your name enshrined in the ground in Los Angeles is a big deal. But over the recent years, the value of that has diminished.

far from reality

No one would have thought that someone like one, if not all the Kardashians would be considered for a star. Or better yet, Perez Hilton, known for being a celebrity blogger. Because when you think of having a star, you think of all the contributions that the entertainer has made to the industry. Yet, you hear these names brought up in conversations.

But not just the reality personalities, also people who are entertainers, yet they have not been in the business that long. I saw where Jennifer Lawrence name is being considered. She has been in some pretty phenomenal films in the recent years, but I still think it’s too soon. I want to see over the next ten to fifteen years what she has to offer.


Still, there is this great feeling when walking across your favorite performer, or probably given one yourself. Because now, for the rest of your life, and even after, your name is there in concrete. People like Marilyn Monroe is still a major draw for people around the globe. As for myself do I care if I ever were to get one, no really, but I would be lying if I said I would turn it down.

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“They imitate, we follow, they imitate more.”

imitation of life

When we look at any form of entertainment, we would like to think that a lot of entertainers are original. Yet in reality, we are creating works that is a mere reflection of the world we already live in, that we don’t notice. That is why the work they create resonate so much with us. It’s how you convey art, not trying to more be an inventor, rather an innovator.

Now if you do create something that is original then fine, but very few do. They always adopt some aspect of the artist that influence them over the years. And unless you are deep into art, you don’t quite see it.

why we don’t see it

We go through our daily lives going to work, going to lunch, coming home, and raising children. But the reason we can’t see what the artists see, is because the artist job is to watch you. And the things you ignore or don’t see they reflect it on a canvas, in photography, in music, film, television, and theatre. It’s why emotionally we feel so close to certain works.

We don’t see why it makes us feel good, but the artist is able to reach into the subconscious to pull out the memory even when you don’t remember the place of you emotion.

repeat process

Once the artist has shown the world itself, then what? You must continue to recreate yourself in order to be a force in society. So what you have to do is sometimes anticipate the future based on the current situation. That means trying to convey an image of a world tomorrow rather than today or the past.

That’s important because people always look forward to a better tomorrow. And what better way to showcase a better tomorrow than to the people who need encouragement the most.

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Image result for LATIN MUSIC

“Why aren’t they biggest everywhere?”

global entertainment

The photo at the top of the page is of Latin musicians Daddy Yankee and Fonsi. Now Daddy Yankee is more globally known, but yet Fonsi is a major name as well. But why aren’t they both the same height as a Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin, or Pitbull. It’s because breaking into the American market is still a base for breaking into the globe.

Doesn’t mean that we are the better nation in regards to music, simply put, we are still the cosign for what’s global. So when you become big in America, you become big everywhere. Singer Nicky Jam has been making music consistently since the year 2000. But why has he all of a sudden now become more known. It’s not that his music is not good.

the land of opportunity

America has always been seen as the land of opportunity. Where you can come here and make a living where you previously couldn’t do so elsewhere. Not to mention we are third in the world in population and now back on top in GDP. So it’s no wonder so many people want to come here. But on the other hand, why not China? China is right with us in economy.

Cityscape during Nighttime Near Body of Water and Sail Boat

Not only with us in the economic base, but they are also boasting a middle class that is the same size of the United States population. That is some major spending power, so why aren’t they the country to run to for opportunity. And key word that sticks out the most would be diversity. Nowhere on Earth is this wealthy and this ethnically ambiguous as a collection.

 making moves

When trying to venture out, the artists that are trying to break into the American market can either try to collaborate with other artists or just move here. But what you usually notice in today’s society, is that they Gangnam Style Official Cover.pngdepend on viral hopes like Psy’s Gangnam Style. Or, link up with other ethnically similar artists such as a known singer in Puerto Rico performing wit Jennifer Lopez.

We know Jennifer Lopez globally, but that artist in PR might only be known in PR, or other small Latin America pockets of North and South America. Singing with J Lo will make them big everywhere. It’s unfortunate, but the reality is that this is what it is in society.

glory be the internet

Luckily in today’s society you can be known a lot sooner than actually having to travel to the United States to make music. Because K-Pop (Korean Pop Music) is starting to become a trend in small places in the United States with pre-teens and teenagers. It’s not as big, but the fact that it exist says a lot. And with the success of massive viral videos, we now have a more instant connection.

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Image result for ANTI TRUMP CELEB

“What was once entertaining is no longer.”


The election of 2016 where we saw the run and subsequent win of president Donald Trump has left sour tastes in many American’s mouths. But nowhere is that more evident than in the entertainment industry. Entertainers have all come forward speaking out against the president for the way he behaves as well as his lack of experience in the role.

But have we hit a point where people are finally fed up with the consistent berating of the president from entertainers. Because after a while, it starts to get rather redundant. Celebrities speak as if the more they talk, the more we get closer to his impeachment. But from the looks of things, nothing of the like will take place.

hitting a wall

We’re now starting to hear people say things like, “Alright, you hate Trump, we get it.” Or, “Let’s get back to the entertainment.” Now what celebrities don’t want to do is start alienating people. You earn your living from the masses. And even those [entertainers] who may be anti-Trump are irritated from so much politics in their industry because their livelihood is in jeopardy.

Image result for ANTI TRUMP CELEB

Ultimately what you will end up doing is making him more popular. Or what you’ll do is desensitize people to Donald Trump. And then if something far more detrimental does take place, people ignore the situation. You want to further your cause, but not at the risk of making your villain more popular. Like the Dark Knight, who knew Heath Ledger would be the most popular figure of that film. He was made so hated, people wound up liking him that much more.

what now

Like I said before, further your cause, but try not to alienate the very audience you are looking to reach. Because in order to figure out why someone would vote for a particular candidate. you must first connect to them. Look at life from their perspective, even if you disagree with them. You still have to do so. Otherwise, you’ll end up with the same results again.

But above all, you have another job to do. And that job is to entertain the masses. Once the way people see you as an entertainer slide, so will your influence to those who know you best.

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