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“Narrowing down the topics.”

what’s to come

The end of 2018 is just a week away. And I will be planning my blog for next year 2019. And for the coming year, I will be narrowing down the blog to 6 topics not 12 spanning the year. And these 6 topics will be of the most popular from my current year. So instead of writing a post from 1 topic for the month, I will be writing posts for 1 topic every two months. And this is the change, the metamorphosis of my blog that will eventually narrow down to fewer topics. As of now, there are two topics in competition with each other to see which one will make the cut. I will also provide more video content as well. Feel free to drop a comment about the topics you liked. Continue to like, follow, and share my work. SEE YOU  IN 2019!!!

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“You will pay, or you won’t use.”


YouTube has been a platform for video and/or audio content since the year 2005. And over the past 13 years, it has grown in massive size. It is no longer just that content platform for just showcasing you to the world. It is now a medium for entertainment content as well. But will it ever be a place where people are charged a fee for usage?


You can already upload content for people to purchase just as you would any other site. Only difference between YouTube and lets say Netflix, is that Netflix is a lot more selective. You have to have a following for your content. And then they will take a risk on investing in you. But with YouTube, you can sell directly to consumers, where YouTube takes a cut.

And if you decide to stream for free, understand that streaming dollars are very small for the person who is capitalizing. Still, what are the opportunities if YouTube decides to change up the game and start charging and being selective.


Right now, the majority of people you subscribe to on their channel, you can see their content for free. But this could also be a change to the site. Because YouTube may not charge the users, but the people who want a channel. Then, that would mean, the channel owners have to now charge for people to see their content. This would cut down on people uploading property not their own like song lyrics with the videos.

could it be

Then again, what if the people who use YouTube start to reject the new method. Then you would have this wide open market for people looking elsewhere. Or, the other decision is people paying because they want to use it so bad. Then again, some new young budding entrepreneur could use this as an opportunity to start their own new YouTube.

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“Growing my community, one post at a time.”

I have been blogging since August of 2015, and now that I have found myself in the groove of things, I am planning on growing my blog a little more in the year 2018. In the beginning, I was just posting a little bit at a time. And what’s crazy, I wasn’t even proofreading, just getting what’s in my head on the site. Now, I’ve wanted to go back and check out my earlier posts for editing purposes. But the fact that it shows how I grew over time, I have decided not to do so. You are able to see the full transformation of how I took a bunch of thoughts and started writing them down in an unedited posts, to now more thought out posts. And like I said before, next year, I want to grow my blog more; with what you ask, content, more content.

I have already posted some close to 550 posts, but now, I need to take things a step further by adding more pictorial and video content. So along with my views pertaining to certain topics, there is now an actual image driven aspect of my writing. I will also be incorporating more graphs and charts for the year 2018. What started as a means of making me a better writer so that I could be contributing to something other than just my screenplays, books, and playwright ideas, has now turned into an daily activity. And when I miss a day, I try my best to double up on the next day. The site was also a free space for so long, but as of two months ago, I have chosen the paid subscription. So what exactly will be on my blog for the coming year?

For instance, when I am writing about a topic that interest me such as politics, if the topic is geared toward a specific aspect of politics like something the president spoke about, I will have the video of the president speaking. I will also still have the written content, but may also incorporate graphs of whatever political issue he may be covering that can either back up or refute his points. That interactive aspect of blogs is what people want to be apart of today. Just reading is not good enough, they want something that gives them an experience. And if I am going to continue to contribute and grow, I need to also create a story behind what I am writing. People would love to be connected to the topic for more than just insight.

And wrapping my posts will no longer close out with, “in the end” as this overall viewpoint to the topic. The topic will close with a strong statement, so get use to not seeing that, in the end, close. But for the time being, in closing, I have a lot of work on my blog for the upcoming year. Also in the year 2018, I will be working on photography, trying to attain a literary agent, and also starting my podcast. So hopefully 2018 brings good things as I will be pretty busy throughout the year.

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“Make your own luck.”

In life, it’s a flip of the coin, you can either win or lose. It’s all about how the coin chooses to land. But is it all about luck, or do you make your own luck. Do you have to always take what life throws at you? I am a firm believer in making your own luck. You can tailor make your life whatever you want it to be. The choice is yours in how it ultimately turns out. We all have this vision of where we want to see ourselves. Then, that vision becomes blocked at times once certain obstacles are put in our pathway. But what about people who are dealt a bad hand. How do they make their own luck.

Well, it’s like the saying, “If someone has done it coming from where you came from, looking like you do, it is possible.” At times it’s hard to see the future because you’re stuck in the now. But in order to reach the future, you have to embrace the now to get to that point in the future. We also get stuck comparing ourselves to everyone else. Instead, you should focus on where you want to be in what it is you are pursuing. And making your luck can get stifled when looking at everyone else.

Well, how so, how does life become stifled? Because their climb is their climb and your climb is yours. You can’t judge you from them because you never know how they got to their point. You have to say, what’s for them is for them. And what’s for me is for me. Easier said than done, especially if you have close people in your life who can influence your thought process. Which leads me to my next view on making your own luck. The hardships of not wanting to upset those around you.

In life, you never want to feel like you are letting others down. Especially if the others are your close friends and family. But sometimes you must be disobedient to reach the place where you want to be in life. What I mean by that is, you know your strengths and weaknesses. You know you better than anyone, so don’t take a path because you think it will make you more accepted by your peers. Make them respect you for the decisions you make and stand firm. Yet sometimes, these are the main people you may have to cut out of your life. Like I said in previous posts, not everyone is meant to be in your life. So if they are, they’ll be there, if not so be it.

In the end, flipping the coin can land anyway any how, yet you make your luck. Stop holding your breathe waiting for things to happen. Flip the coin, because you can make it land heads or tails depending on how you set up your own life.


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“Is tech getting in your way?”

What’s your Instagram? Tweet me. Send me a DM. Let’s text. These are a few of the replies or questions that we say to each other in today’s society when showing interest. How come we can’t just approach each other and strike up a conversation? It’s almost as if our technology has gotten in the way of our conversations as men and women. You may ask, well how has this happened? Well, let’s first  start with social media sites like Instagram.

Instagram is a photo, video, and file sharing site where people can view each others profiles by way of posting pictures and video content. There are people with as few as no one following their daily activity to millions of followers. The problem with this form of connecting that you get a false sense of people’s real day to day lives. There are countless picture quotes that will explain an open window into people’s lives. But this site makes the viewers sometimes gain an image of who you portray yourself to be not necessarily who you really are in life. This could effect our intimate relationships because this person you met might seem like their life is exciting but at a closer glance it’s not.

Another form of impersonal relationships have been through Twitter. A website where people can tell what’s on their mind through 110 characters. Now, if you ask me, anyone trying to get their point across in such few characters don’t have much to say. Problem is, is that only is it impersonal, but it has been known to get people into trouble. Why is that? Well for starters, you are able to detect tone in the voice when something is typed. The tone is subjective, so if read the wrong way, it could land you into trouble. Another  problem  is that people spew ignorance from their mouths under a fake profile that they would never say in person. It makes them feel almost untouchable and safe.

Well, what about Facebook.com which boast about 700 million people plus globally. It’s a community of users initially created for college students to connect and now is open to anyone. Anyone from middle school to college, and above. Problem with this medium is that even though you can connect to people you might otherwise have forgotten, it can also effect relationships. Facebook has a portion of the website called single, relationship, married, and/or complicated. It has been the cause of many fights as well as people asking you to friend them who may not be approved by your significant other.

Now the previous were just some of the most popular of the countless sites people log onto every day. Others include Tinder and Grindr, where singles go to meet people. And within no time you can meet someone for a date or even sex. Then there is Snapchat to connect to your audience via video content. And there is even another relationship site called Cuddle, where singles go to date. So as you can see, these cellular telephone and computer apps have gotten in the way of intimate relationships. People used to approach each other and meet. Now you must request a friendship via the internet. In the end the future of relationships could be in jeopardy at this rate. In jeopardy when there is no more building and easy access into each others lives is just a click away.