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“It’s there since birth, but why?”


Humans are endowed since birth with a lot of emotions. Emotions that I can’t explain as to why we have them, but we do. And sorrow is one of those emotions that we have as people. Why were we given an emotion such as sorrow? How does this aid us in our existence on this planet. Because everything we are born with in our lives serve as some type of purpose for our survival in the beginning of time. So in having the emotion to feel sorrow, pain, hurt, and dejection; where did it come from in the beginning?

early on

As humans evolved into the beings that we are today, there are things that have aided in our further existence. As I said before in other post, there are families that will never be known because for whatever reason they fell off. Whether it was not having offspring, or taking part in some activity that ended their lives. But emotions gave us the ability to feel compassion, and animal, bigfoot, evolutionmainly for one another. Even though there was tribal fighting because as man ventured out we would eventually find our way back to other early humans. That’s when hostility arose, but once hostility died down some more, man would procreate even with those seen as different. Civilizations stronger arose, and the reason for further compassion became paramount.

maintaining sorrow

As time progress, we not only continue to have sorrows, but we have also used sorrow to take on other meanings. Sorrow also can mean happy just as much as it means to be hurt. We show sorrow when our kid takes their first steps, graduate from college, and get married. We have found ways to channel our hurt into happiness so that tears that form in the eyes come out of fulfillment. And we are becoming more of a global community with each passing year. Who knows, man might eventually become a one nation species. Not in 10 years or even 100 years, but who knows in 1,000 years.

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