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“Into the brain mechanics.”

what is it 

Having a conscious is something that is baffling on so many levels. And those of you who are unfamiliar with what is a conscious. A conscious is the ability to have the understanding of the world around you, to be awake. Now, in today’s society, people throw that word around so freely its pitiful. But how many people are truly awake. But that was a question for last month’s topic of the mind. This is the science behind why we have a conscious and how it works. So how does it work and why do we have one?

the mechanics of the mind

The small illustration below shows the mechanics of how man uses the conscious in our initial stage of life on this planet. We have a problem we have to solve, but in order to solve that problem we must be able to seek out a way to fix the problem. So in the beginning of time man had rain coming down. In order to keep from getting wet, man sought refuge in places that didn’t have rain entering. This was the place of man’s immediate home for living. And just like that, we started our path to what would be today. So the explanation is quite straight forward for how it works. Problem/Obstacle → theories to deal with problem → find a solution to the problem → problem solved → continue to enhance understanding for future problems.

why we have one

Why do we have one? We have one because it is the reason that has kept us alive for so long. Without being able to understand the sudden changes, certain obstacles placed before us, we would have died off. And from this we developed a communication link to keeping others from falling victim. And from there we started to develop language, and from there on we can build off of more to create working civilizations. The conscious also aids us in helping others because we could see ourselves in that same position. So we have one to continue to exist. The moment we become less aware, we become slaves to our own vulnerability.

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