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“Why we think they’re all laughing.”

Why at times in our minds when we walk into a room, do we think that everyone is watching us or talking about us? This inner feeling that the people around us have this feeling that they don’t want to express how they feel, but it’s present. This mentality that someone or everyone is watching you may not be as serious as you may think. It can be a real mental problem that you as that person have that you have to work out internally. Well, why might we feel this way even from some of the most confident people?

A reason we feel this way is because there is something wrong with us that we know exist. And if someone is intently looking at us, then they have figured out the thing that is wrong. And if they figured out the thing that is wrong without our input, then what else do they know that I haven’t told them. When you are uncomfortable about something that you hope no one knows about, it can be a very debilitating feeling. This feeling can keep us from making friends, dating, or even coexisting in our daily lives. So how do we combat this problem that we have built internally?

Well, you have to learn to be confident in who you are because people can feel it. When you lack confidence, it’s almost as if there is a light bulb over your head that says I am unsure. So this light follows you everywhere because it is in your body language. From the way your head drops when you walk into a room or even how you talk without letting people fully hear what is coming out of your mouth. Your entire aura speaks I am not sure of myself. And what person is uninteresting enough to want to be around if they feel this way.So if you want to stop feeling this sense of internal insecurity, you have to address the real issue. The real issue may be something you’re hiding that you don’t want others to see or know.

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