“Think of a place far away from here.”

Whenever I am working on a particular project and need some form of motivation, I always go to a safe space. A quiet space, and that is in my head, while walking the streets of New York City. Now that sounds funny that I would say a safe and quiet space walking the streets of New York City. But I often find solace when there is a nice day outside and I am moving boutique, clothes, clothing
about the streets. To keep myself motivated moving forward, some picture themselves on a luxury resort, while I picture myself walking through the various stores. Stores that are high end fashion boutiques or driving a luxury vehicle around the city.

What’s interesting is that I am not this person who even remotely like being seen with that type of attention. But I do find that thinking about having those things tends to be very motivating. It also keeps me working hard toward what I could potentially have one day. Now like I said, having the means to buy whatever I want, I most likely wouldn’t buy a lot of these  automatic, automobile, automotivegoods, but you would be surprised with what motivates you and how. Now that is something odd, how am I motivated to continue to grow by way of something I think of having yet don’t really want in the end. It’s because the images I conjure up in my mind are sometimes better than the real thing.

Owning a 10,000 square foot house and driving a fleet of luxury vehicles seem appealing to the eye and ear. And a lot of that comes from a place of not having so much, you are motivated to have a lot. Yet my real goal is philanthropy, but I never really have philanthropy motivating images to propel me forward. You know, it’s quite interesting the things that will get you going to succeed in life and how they get you going. Even when you have no interest in wanting them, it’s something that keeps you working toward it.

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