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“How do others around the globe see this term?”

The term gold digger has been used in the United States to mean women who are only with a man because of his finances. It’s to the point that women have to be impartial to a man’s income in this country because society have made women feel bad about wanting a man of higher means. But does that mean that she is a gold digger? Or could it mean that she is a woman who just prefers to be with a man who is going to be there for her financially? Well let’s observe the meaning of this term gold digger.

America is a very expensive place to live, especially if you’re living in a major metropolitan city. So wanting to be with someone of considerable means has validity to it. For example, living in New York City where the average rent is nearly $5,000 per month, it makes sense to choose a mate who makes a certain income. Opening a conversation regarding money is quite uncomfortable for a lot of people. How do you introduce money into the relationship? Simple, you just ask the question about the person’s finances once the relationship is getting serious. Now, right off the back, that is rude and disrespectful. But if you have been with someone for a year or more, money should be something that you and that person should be able to talk about.

Then what makes someone a gold digger? They are the types that not only want to be with someone just for money, but are looking for the payout after the breakup. Someone looking to be taken care of without any form of reciprocating for the other person. So the wanting to be with someone financially stable is normal, but it’s the selfish behavior that makes the person bad in their pursuit. When you are willing to go as far as to hurting the other person to get what you want, then it becomes problematic. Now my question is, do other countries look at this the way Americans do? And in my opinion, they don’t.

When looking at a foreign country where poverty exist, young women are encouraged to pursue the wealthiest. And wealth may be viewed as something different depending on the country. A small village in a foreign country might see wealth as the man with his own patch of farmland and livestock. Or it could be the guy with his own business that has made him quite successful. And if these places are built around that concept, why is it so wrong in America? A reason being is that we are so built around being sensitive to people’s plight, that you are shamed for having these viewpoints. And what it does is that women are forced to change their language and recontextualize their feelings, yet they feel another way behind the scenes.

In the end, the term gold digging can take on so many different meanings. Depending on where you live, it can be seen as a good thing or a bad thing. But the term gold digging is subjective depending on who is interpreting the term. But there is no slowing down, women will always judge men based on finances. And it has to do with the productivity of a man. Our productivity is based in part on how we earn in society. As for women, whatever you do in this world, don’t let it be for nothing. Now, if that something comes at the cost of self-respect, it’s up to you how far you’ll take it. Just be comfortable with the outfit, whatever that may be.

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