“Which would you rather have?”

In life, there are people who want to be respected and others who want to be feared. Why would someone want the need to be respected? But also, who would want people to fear them? Shouldn’t we want people to love us? There are many different reasons as to why people need to be viewed as such. Fear is a feeling that last longer, so you have those that want this feeling because it last longer. On the other hand respect from people is love and it’s real. And when people love you, you can do no wrong. So, is there an upside to being one over the other?

What about fear, is there good in being feared? This typically works for conflicting nations. If you are a leader of a country you might want a little fear. It will make people think twice before they attack your country. Being respected is fine, but you’re not going to always be dealing with countries that respect you. So there are times you must be tougher. What you don’t want to be considered is a pushover because you don’t want to cause a conflict. Not everyone want to be reasoned with, so being tougher is necessary to deal with them.

Now, on the other hand, what about respect. What about leading life by being respected. People who respect you also carries weight as well. When you are respected,there comes a sense of trust and love you can’t get through fear. People who respect you will trust you with their children. A person you fear can be nowhere near you. You only deal with them for certain reasons. Reality about fear is that when feared people no longer serve a purpose in being feared we cut them quick. So, we actually react in a very adverse way to fear.

In the end, both fear and respect has its effects. Both are necessary depending on the situation. Fear is good when you are dealing with people seeking to harm others in society. And respect is necessary when trying to gain the trust of people. To me, fear last longer on Earth. Yet after we die, we are judged on this feeling from people. History will judge us on this feeling from people. Trust and believe it will judge us and it won’t be kind.

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