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“Ever think big, but can’t find your way?”
The phrase seeing is believing is such a real statement. But seeing is not enough, you have to be willing to execute on your plans. And this is where most people get stuck in their pursuit of their dreams. They have all these visions, but are either not quite ready or don’t fully believe. Why is that; why is believing in yourself so hard for so many people? Well, there are a number of reasons why it’s so hard for people to follow through with what they want out of life. I can think of a few right off the back.
The first is the most obvious, and that is that we fear the failure. No one wants to set themselves up to fall. Especially if the fall is really hard. We don’t want to step out into the world and risk losing big where we can’t recover. It’s almost like we want to tailor make life so that we know right off the back how much we will lose. This way we can be comfortable with the outcome enough to pursue. But the reality is that we don’t know if and when we’ll lose. Nor do we know how hard we may fall. So this keeps us from following our dreams.
Another reason why believing in self is so hard is because we are afraid that most won’t see the greatness in what it is we’re trying to achieve. The hardest pill to swallow is that you see genius and they see a waste of time. Imagine if Thomas Edison never was successful and someone else came along behind him and succeeded. You’re talking a lifetime of hurt and pain, just to see someone stroll right in and win. Which leads into our third reason why we find it hard to follow dreams.
The third reason is because pursuing a dream someone else is pursuing and watching them win and you lose. Watching them win makes you realize how you wasted your time. They are reaping benefits that you seem to feel should be coming to you. And that not only makes you resent yourself, but that person who has done well. Your inner disdain is outwardly shown by your failure to rise to the occasion. Now, this is where I come to my fourth and final reason why you don’t follow your dreams.
You know what, maybe you’re just not that good at what it is you want to accomplish. You think in your mind you’re good, but knowing when to throw in the towel is pivotal. We as humans have a hard time with this because we think just because I feel something, means it truly has value. And the reality is that not all feelings mean something. So in the end, people have a hard time following their dreams because of the unknown. We want to know everything; from the risk to the successes. But these are unmeasurable. You have to trust in yourself and work at it. So taking a leap of faith is necessary, but whose willing to take that leap. I will say, those you take the leap are always the most successful in the end.

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