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“Remote learning.”

from home

Remember the days when you would see those online commercials and laugh when people went to the schools. Or how about the ITT Technical Institute commercials. Not so funny anymore since traditional colleges and private institutions have become so expensive. Now people are settling for the online school and the small tech college. What was seen in prior years as a gimmick has become all the rage. So what is the future of education the more classes are moved to the online platforms?

traditional college, still online

In today’s society, there are classes you can take at your university that are on the computer. Why, well the professor may feel it’s more convenient to go through the portal connected to the school’s website. And I myself have taken a few of these classes, and have done well to be honest with you. It has everything that a normal classroom would have: homework, test, quizzes, and even class participation. But is there a downside to the classes that are on the computer? And the answer to this is yes.

impersonal relationships

When you go to a university, there is a reason you are having a face to face interaction. It’s to prepare you for the real relationships you’ll have to develop when dealing with people. But how are you to deal with people when all you know how to do is communicate through a device. The result is that when you do deal face to face you’re going to think that someone is being tougher on you than they really are being tough. Everything will come off as hurtful because language is stronger in person than typed.

the inevitable

Doesn’t matter what people think, things will eventually shift to a more digital means of going to school. With the constant rise of college education and lack of jobs once students leave school, other options will be exercised. But the wave of the future is moving to online, so get used to it.

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“Life, in camera, action.”

my life

A lot of people seem to think that they are interesting to have a movie made about their lives. But the ones who have movies made are sat aside from the norm. Like the war movie Hacksaw Ridge about the conscientious objector who refused to fire his rifle during the Second World War. But became a hero by saving lives not killing.

Or the movie The Butler about the man who served in the White House for presidents spanning multiple decades. Just being a person with a family story is not good enough. It has to be something that is of interest that sets people aside from the rest. But what if your life could be a film? For starters, who even knows you exist?


Numerous books and articles are written about people’s lives. And some news article in a local paper or channel could spark the interest of a filmmaker watching. A story that no one has ever heard of before. Just the neighbor up the street who thinks that they are interesting is not good enough.

Or, you can start to just look up random information on a particular topic, then after that start to narrow down who will be the central person to write about. Now let’s say it is you a film is being made about; then what next? It’s not enough to just sit down and write words on a page. You have to interview, get to know the person, and people in the person’s life.

can it work

Now, let’s say the film is made and it hits theaters. How will people receive this film? Like I said before, we all think that our lives are interesting until we come across another person’s or groups of people who had the same lives. Do we see this movie as unique from our own lives. There has to b something that is of substance that deviates from the norm.

Like I said, a television show based around a well-known detective who was known for cracking cases in a major city, or even a woman removing herself from an abusive husband. And the extremes she went to to leave him that has never been done. So knowing what is original and what has been done before is crucial.

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“Taste good, but not always good for you.”

soul food

Going back to slavery, soul food has been a meal as described by the African American community. There was limited amounts during the time period, and we had to make due with what we had at that time. So we came together with our scraps during these harsh times to make soul food. And still to this day we consume meals as a community, but there is a problem with these meals. As amazing as it may seem, the food has lead to so many health problems throughout the community. So much so, that there has to be a shift in how we care for ourselves because our lives are cut short due to illness from the food.

“soul” food

Now, in today’s society, we still eat soul food, but so many of us are switching over to food for the soul. Meaning, there is no dish that Black people in America eat that is a traditional dish from another foreign country like Chinese, Italian, or Greek. Since we were slaves and our traditions were lost, we had to make due with the food from slave masters in America. Yet our spin is adding more to the food that tends to be unhealthy: more salt, more pepper, more sugar, more oils, more fat. Flavors have to be taken back now that we are more aware because these extra ingredients lead to more debilitating sicknesses.

nourishment for our bodies

Foods that are rich in the nutrients that we should be eating for our health are as follows:

  • These are the grains that contain endosperm, bran, and germ that are vital to the human body for lower risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and stroke.
    • Wheat

Wheat close-up.JPG

    • Rye

Ear of rye.jpg

    • Oats

Avena sativa L.jpg

    • Maize

    • Rice

  • This is an angiosperm flowering plant that is formed from the ovary when flowering.
    • Apples


    • Bananas

    • Grapes

    • Lemons

    • Oranges

    • Strawberries

  • A savory meal that is good for the human body where it provides vitamins, dietary fibers, and minerals.
    • Cabbage


    • Spinach

Espinac 5nov.JPG

    • Pepper

Red capsicum and cross section.jpg

    • Carrot


    • Lettuce

    • Beans

Bohne z01.JPG

    • Peas

NCI peas in pod.jpg

    • Potatoes

Various types of potatoes for sale.jpg

    • Tomatoes

Tomato je.jpg

    • Onion


    • Pepper

Red capsicum and cross section.jpg

    • Sweet Potato

Ipomoea batatas 006.JPG

  • A clear, transparent chemical that is vital to the human body. It does not only serve a purpose for drinking, but necessary for plant growth. Up to 78% of our human bodies is water, so we need quite a bit per day to function properly.

  • This is the natural pressing out of fruits and vegetables that contribute for Potassium and Vitamin C. But be sure to not over juice considering some juices are richer in sugar than soda.

  • The harvesting and processing of animal milk from mainly goats and cows. Other animals used are sheep, horses, and camels. Dairy is a good product for Vitamin D and Calcium.

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lifestyle changes

With all that has been said, when will come the time for us as a group to change our lifestyles. Because if dying at a young age is not good enough then what is good enough. But something has to be done otherwise you will start to see a group’s numbers diminish from poor health choices.

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“We connect in the strangest ways.”

human energy

Ever meet someone that the moment you come across them, you instantly get connected? Or better yet, you ever meet someone and instantly get turned off by them? It’s because of the energy they give off. It doesn’t always mean they are a bad person. Like me for example, I am not someone who is approachable, but it has nothing to do with who I am as a person. But my energy is not welcoming so people get an idea about me from the behavior. Then people find out who I really am, and they say, “Oh, didn’t realize that.”

how it moves

Sir Issac Newton’s Thermal Dynamics regarding energy neither lost or destroyed, just transferred from one party to the next speaks volumes about human energy. How we transfer energy through actions and conversation is impressive. I can call someone on a telephone, who is in a happy mood. Transfer my bad mood onto them, and they leave bad, and me feeling good. We are probably wondering, what are the mechanics that make up the ability to transfer negativity on to other people. And yes, there is always a scientific explanation as to why this is able to take place.

transfer ability

For some reason, we are able to hold on to traumatic experiences longer than those that feel good. Meaning, it is hard for me to remember moments when my mother bought us gifts for Christmas, as we set around the tree opening them. But I remember the entire day of September 11th 2001. Now, granted that is on a much larger scale of something negative, even on a much smaller level we retain what’s bad, something that hurts us. We as humans are very fragile creatures. And at every turn we seek to do good and feel good. It requires work to do so, but feeling bad is easy. What takes work that is good always is hard to retain, than what you don’t want to come in contact with. So transferring negativity becomes easy because we are constantly open to the bad things. Closing yourself off is a job you have to work at. So when people bring negativity to you, it transfers easily if you have not worked hard enough at removing it from your life.

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“The end is more near than the beginning.”


When you are young, you don’t understand what death means. You’re just living your life and existing. But do you remember the first time you realized that you wouldn’t be on this Earth forever. It creeped you out when you first found out that there is an end to life. Now that you are an adult and are more in the know, it creeps you out even more. Then you get to someplace in your life where you comfortable. Usually that happens toward the end of life once you see so many people around you die off. Life becomes a lot more alone and not worth living.


I had a great grandmother who passed away at almost 100 years old. Which is an amazing lifespan to exist on this planet. How one lives to be that age with so much around us is mind boggling. So many friends and family are hurt by the circumstance, but you start to think to yourself, when is the right time to die? Is it 50 years old, 70 years old, what about 100 years old? We are so hurt when someone who is an elder passes, but 100 years is a long time. Is it really a tragedy at that point, or do we rejoice? Because to me, that is a happy ending to life.


Age has a lot to do with being afraid to die. I am 30 years old, and in my life, I have heard of a few people in my age group die already. One guy in my twenties and another more recent, both natural causes. Isn’t that something scary, natural causes taking you away from Earth at the age of 30. And that’s when it dawns on people the real fear. People don’t fear the inevitable; we fear not being able to reach our full potential in life. Because just being afraid to die for the sake of dying will drive you crazy. Because it’s something that we all will do some day.


Knowing you will pass, and that life will continue after you are gone is a bummer. And what’s more of a bummer, the majority of people on Earth are not public figures where at least names live on forever. A time will come where no one will care or even know you existed. And that’s just members of your family past a certain point. I guess that’s why I write so much. I will leave behind a base of knowledge. From me to the people of who I was, how I thought while I was here. So far at the age of 30, I have written a lot. Imagine if I live to be my great grandmother’s age.

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“What will tomorrow bring is always scary.”

Growing up as a child, we have all these different places we see ourselves in life. We see ourselves being the top person in our career field. We see ourselves happily married with children. We see ourselves living this all-around great life, that sometimes doesn’t quite pan out that way. We see ourselves in all these positions, yet when it comes time to actually step into society, we have a hard time coming to grips with the real world. In the real world, things don’t turn out how we always plan them. Sometimes life throws you a curve ball and how you deal with the adversity says a lot about who are you as a person. How will you respond if life doesn’t turn out how you thought it would turn out?

Life is not this straight path that leads to this pot of gold. You might go to school, get out, get a good job, and in a matter of months have no place of employment and no place to live. How do you deal with this when it comes your way? What do you do when face with no job and no means of survival? There is no playbook when dealing in life, this is something that happens on the fly. We have all these theories on how to deal until it happens. That’s when panic sets in, and you start to make decisions that could worsen your situation. And at that point you realize what true adulthood is all about. Your biggest fears are right in front of you. Life has eaten you up and spit you out.

It’s tough because you look at all those people around you who never work as hard as you, yet you are the one who manages to go through so much. And then you’ll find yourself asking questions as to why you have to deal with such adversity, yet the people who don’t work as hard get to coast through life. But that you don’t want, what you never want to do, is make your disdain at your situation make you angry at another person’s life. Number one, never make the assumption that their life is going well. And number two, your life could actually worsen from where it currently is because you are so focused on them. Yet it’s hard to do so when you’re going through so much.

See, in the end, that unknown that you’re entering that is life can be petrifying. Even when you are prepared to live your life, you still have fears about each and every day. You don’t know when the supervisor will come in and say, “We had to let you go.” You don’t know when a simple hospital visit could be a longer stay that reveals a terminal situation. Yet thinking about it daily will also drive you crazy. So you live, going to sleep waking up, not knowing what will come of each day. But it is also that unknown that strangely enough makes you feel alive. That makes us appreciate everyday, because after all, it could be your last: last in a relationship, last on a job, last in life. (PERSONAL WEBSITE) (FAN PAGE)   

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“What will come of the future?”

There are 13 days left until the beginning of the new year. And with all that has taken place this year, as always, we must take time to reflect on where we are in our lives. The end of of the year makes you look overall at what you may have accomplished, and if everything is all right in the world, then the year was a success. But what happens if the year wasn’t as eventful as you would have liked it to be? That would mean you must make the appropriate adjustments so that the following year is more than the previous. One of the things I have decided to do concerning my writing is to create better content that I put into the world to build my platform. I am also trying to work to be more self employed, as well as stepping up my writing ability so I can prepare for my next novel and book of short stories books to be released hopefully by the beginning of the year 2019.

See, I have a goal that I have been pursuing year after year. Now what shall one do when there is nothing that the person is feeling their time with to progress forward. What will happen is that you will find yourself stuck in a rut without a plan, and then depression sets in. Then you will become unhappy because the world is moving around, while you sit aside watching everyone else live their lives. And the last thing you want is to find yourself not being able to progess forward. Now if you are moving forward, sometimes you may feel like you’re not making progress because in the paradigm of life, everything is kind of slow. You only are seeing small minor spikes of success that lead to something bigger later on. If you’re not careful this can also make people get down on themselves when trying to persevere. Because we live in such an instant society, you can feel discouraged when life is not moving fast enough.

Yet, if you are reflecting on the time and energy you put into something and you’re making the appropriate strides to be where you’re trying to be in life, then it’s worth the wait. My main goal in life is a career as a photographer, filmmaker, and writer (author, screenwriting, playwright). These are very long arduous paths that requires a lot of skill and patience to succeed. Because in the end, you must be willing to suffer to get to where you want to be in life. The path of success and the reflection on everything you have accomplished and hopefully will accomplish comes with due diligence. Nothing is overnight, and with each passing year, if every reflection is a look over time and you’re happy, then you’ve done your job. (PERSONAL WEBSITE) (FAN PAGE)   

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