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“Are you ready?”

Most people take for granted that their loved ones will be here every single day. Are any us prepared for the loss of a relative? Are you ready for your child or parent to leave? I know asking about such a tough subject conjures up so many feelings. But the question is still open for being ready. But ready for what? We know that no one is ready to lose anyone, but what should you really be preparing for. You should be preparing for the cost associated with burying them, the emotional stress that comes with losing them, paying any debts the person left behind, and the moving on process.

Well, how should you ready yourself for when the person dies when burying this person. And I don’t mean burying them, I mean the cost associated with the death. Do you have the money in your will? Do you come from a family that could pay for a death? This is the initial problem people run in to if who are from a family that does not have the means. It can cost thousands of dollars to bury a relative. But that’s a lot of money for middle class to pay for, not to mention poor people.

But what about other financial concerns such as the debt that is associated with people who pass away. You see, their issues are over because they’re deceased and yours as their family is about to start. Why because if they have any outstanding debts you could be the heir to that debt. So hey, watch what you sign thinking the person has money in their will. You might wind-up in debt yourself trying to pay off their debts. Trust and believe that emotional loss could go away fast once you find out that person owes a boatload of money to debtors. But wait a minute, what about other problems associated with being ready for someone’s death.

What about the emotional concerns that come with hearing the initial news. How did we forget to include this one. How do you process the information that you have just heard? Sorry for your loss. Sorry, uh is that all sorry. I just lost someone close to me and that’s all I get is a sorry. But what can they say? But what about the person who breaks the news that you’ve lost your relative? Trust and believe that it makes them uncomfortable as well. So where do you go from here, which leads into the next concern of readiness.

The last stage would be the moving on process. How do you move on in the case that a person dies who is close to you? The day after the funeral, you might have to go to work. How do you deal with getting your life back in track? If you lose a cousin, aunt, or uncle, maybe it’s easier to move forward. But in the case of a  parent or even a child, it’s a lot harder to move forward. In the end, there is a preparation for death that is necessary. But how do you tackle this issue if the person is not sick. Whatever the case, you have to prepare because you never know what could come of the situation.


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