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“When data is no longer in your hands.”

taken information

For the longest, information has been used to people’s benefit. No matter if it’s organizations or for personal use. But what happens when that information gets into the wrong hands? When someone who is an opportunist seeking to take your personal data and create an entire alternate identity. And what’s sad is that there is nothing that can be done. If the person is not caught they will be able to run up a bill in your name. Unless the authorities capture them, they will continue to live as you. That will only become more of a problem the more tech creeps into our lives.

internet police

Are we going to see less police on the streets and more behind desk. I wrote something similar to this topic in the past where cops will become more desk duty. Because the violent crimes are becoming too risky. And the odds of getting caught are higher. So you will start to see more digital crimes because the anonymity on the internet gives you the ability to hide behind a fake profile. So now you can do as you please without much attaching you to your crimes. Now, there is a paper trail, but that trail is one long string to nowhere. So that means protecting yourself even more in the future.

getting better

So, when the technology increases, so will the capabilities of the criminal. Eventually, there will be a need for hand and thumb prints, then using alcohol to wipe down the print. But of course someone will figure out how to manipulate the machine used to do so. Then there will have to be even more measures for the these people so that others don’t follow suit. But is there ever a way of getting better so that criminals can’t penetrate. And the answer to that would be never. Because all security is created by humans, so of course another human will be able to work around the system.


The laws and the punishments for breaking those laws will of course be stiff. As a matter of fact, the laws may be so stiff that the punishment could be worse than the majority of the crimes in the future. Why, well because if you can steal an identity, you can implicate people in other crimes they know nothing about. So you might see digital crimes up there with murder, rape, and strong armed robbery.

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I am from Racine, Wisconsin where I was raised until I graduated high school back in the year 2006. That entire time growing up in my mother's house, I was a student athlete. My goal was to embark on a general business career or athletics. But injuries through sports stopped a sports path, so I decided upon business with a focus in marketing. While attending undergraduate school at University of Wisconsin-Parkside, I began to write screenplays in my senior year. At first it was for fun, but I quickly learned writing allow me to transfer negative energy into characters I created. This led to a decrease in depressing mood swings, which in turn boosted my quality of life. After undergraduate school in May of 2011, I move to New York City for graduate school. While pursuing my MBA, I continued to write screenplays, but always wanted to write novels as well. I finished graduate school back in the year 2014, but wrote screenplays until I began thinking of my first short film, first First Day Fears. While finishing my fifth feature length screenplay, I started to write my first novel this year. So far, I have finished my first short film and working on my next one (Freedomless Speech), and recently self published my first novel (The Boy Who Could Talk To God) and short stories book (Faheem Jackson Short Story Collection Volume 1). My feature length screenplays have been put on temporary hold to finish my short films and books, but I am making good progress on my sixth feature length screenplay. With year 2017 ending, I am currently writing my novel Precinct 86 and Faheem Jackson Short Story Collection Vol. 2. I have started teaching myself photography and will pursuing that by summer of 2018, along with my videography, podcast later on, and more research for my documentary.

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