“How will we talk in the future?”

hello, who is it

The telephone has taken on various forms throughout the history of America. And what’s interesting is that the more time passes, the more smaller and less converse the telephone becomes. We now don’t even talk on the phone, we text. But when we do talk we have capabilities in the form of video where we can now see the person. So what has become of the telephone is a more interactive experience. If you took children back 20 years, 30 years, or even 50 years, they would have no clue how to make use of the telephone. So what will happen over the years to come of the telephone?

look, no hands

Woman Wearing Earpiece Using White Laptop ComputerWe are seeing people more than ever utilize phones from not only wireless, but without the need to hold the phone. And because of that bluetooth headsets and earbuds have made the ability to perform task while talking a lot easier. Now, you just throw some ear phones on and continue going about your daily task without having to pick up the phone. You just press the telephone icon on your phone to answer and voilá, you can talk.

on screen

Ever since face time became popular, people have been looking for other means of trying to connect to each other via video. And now, there are means to connect with people from your television screen. What happens is, say you’re watching television, and you don’t want to interrupt your programming by stopping the TV. You can answer the phone with the person’s face in the corner of the screen and video chat. Let’s say you have someone overseas in battle in the military. This is a way to talk to them from a much larger screen in higher definition.

voice command

What happens when you get a call and then you say the word answer without having to look at your phone. Whomever is in your list of contacts then name will voice command to you who it is, and you can answer via your voice. That will be a great time. Or better yet a video pop out in front of you and you can talk without picking up the phone.

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