Three Round Silver-and-gold-colored Coins

“A waste of paper.”

new age spending

There will come a day when the use of paper currency will no longer be needed. And once that happens we officially will be in a new era of spending. We already use our debit and credit cards for so many purchases already. But once the paper currency is gone, then the value of money will take on a whole new meaning. How will the laws change as it pertains to counterfeit? Because that business will eventually adapt to the changes as well. So how will we catch those individuals once they understand how the process works. And how are they going to learn, like they do everything else. They have nothing but time on their hands to learn to break the law.

paper trail

The great thing about the digital currency is that it will leave a long trail from which every purchase was made. This will aid in a lot of crimes being solved. But most of all, it will help people keep track of expenses. So many of us use cash to do so much, that we are thinking about our purchases. Logging into our bank accounts, we can see all our historical transactions making us aware of everything in our account. I know I had a freeze once on my account, and saw there was a purchase I didn’t make. And it was from someone trying to access my account. The bank fixed the problem, and I lost no money.

once upon a time

For those who are old enough to understand that cash has been the use for purchases will feel odd once the currency is gone. A younger generation will be born into it, or easily transitioned. But there will come a generation where this will all be foreign to them. You will hear them talk about stories of how they used currency, but then you’ll slowly realize that they have a hard time moving forward.

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