cemetery, dark, graveyard

“The end is more near than the beginning.”


When you are young, you don’t understand what death means. You’re just living your life and existing. But do you remember the first time you realized that you wouldn’t be on this Earth forever. It creeped you out when you first found out that there is an end to life. Now that you are an adult and are more in the know, it creeps you out even more. Then you get to someplace in your life where you comfortable. Usually that happens toward the end of life once you see so many people around you die off. Life becomes a lot more alone and not worth living.


I had a great grandmother who passed away at almost 100 years old. Which is an amazing lifespan to exist on this planet. How one lives to be that age with so much around us is mind boggling. So many friends and family are hurt by the circumstance, but you start to think to yourself, when is the right time to die? Is it 50 years old, 70 years old, what about 100 years old? We are so hurt when someone who is an elder passes, but 100 years is a long time. Is it really a tragedy at that point, or do we rejoice? Because to me, that is a happy ending to life.


Age has a lot to do with being afraid to die. I am 30 years old, and in my life, I have heard of a few people in my age group die already. One guy in my twenties and another more recent, both natural causes. Isn’t that something scary, natural causes taking you away from Earth at the age of 30. And that’s when it dawns on people the real fear. People don’t fear the inevitable; we fear not being able to reach our full potential in life. Because just being afraid to die for the sake of dying will drive you crazy. Because it’s something that we all will do some day.


Knowing you will pass, and that life will continue after you are gone is a bummer. And what’s more of a bummer, the majority of people on Earth are not public figures where at least names live on forever. A time will come where no one will care or even know you existed. And that’s just members of your family past a certain point. I guess that’s why I write so much. I will leave behind a base of knowledge. From me to the people of who I was, how I thought while I was here. So far at the age of 30, I have written a lot. Imagine if I live to be my great grandmother’s age.

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