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“We connect in the strangest ways.”

human energy

Ever meet someone that the moment you come across them, you instantly get connected? Or better yet, you ever meet someone and instantly get turned off by them? It’s because of the energy they give off. It doesn’t always mean they are a bad person. Like me for example, I am not someone who is approachable, but it has nothing to do with who I am as a person. But my energy is not welcoming so people get an idea about me from the behavior. Then people find out who I really am, and they say, “Oh, didn’t realize that.”

how it moves

Sir Issac Newton’s Thermal Dynamics regarding energy neither lost or destroyed, just transferred from one party to the next speaks volumes about human energy. How we transfer energy through actions and conversation is impressive. I can call someone on a telephone, who is in a happy mood. Transfer my bad mood onto them, and they leave bad, and me feeling good. We are probably wondering, what are the mechanics that make up the ability to transfer negativity on to other people. And yes, there is always a scientific explanation as to why this is able to take place.

transfer ability

For some reason, we are able to hold on to traumatic experiences longer than those that feel good. Meaning, it is hard for me to remember moments when my mother bought us gifts for Christmas, as we set around the tree opening them. But I remember the entire day of September 11th 2001. Now, granted that is on a much larger scale of something negative, even on a much smaller level we retain what’s bad, something that hurts us. We as humans are very fragile creatures. And at every turn we seek to do good and feel good. It requires work to do so, but feeling bad is easy. What takes work that is good always is hard to retain, than what you don’t want to come in contact with. So transferring negativity becomes easy because we are constantly open to the bad things. Closing yourself off is a job you have to work at. So when people bring negativity to you, it transfers easily if you have not worked hard enough at removing it from your life.

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