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“Get out, keep moving.”

couch potato no more

If you are someone that spends a lot of time sitting, then you know what, get up and start moving around. Because there is a known fact that sitting all day can lead to negative health effects. That is not only for the people sitting at home, but also the people who are the workplace. You have to have some kind of movement. Even if it means just getting up and walking around a particular space. You need to get the body moving again. The blood has to be able to flow properly throughout the body.


Not everyone is able to just get up and move around. Something has to be of a spark for them to move. And I don’t mean a fire causing them to move. I mean, they need that extra push from somewhere to get them going. Where does it come from? I don’t know because I try to stay mobile as much as possible. Luckily for me, I have a job that requires me to move a lot. But for people who don’t move as often they think nothing of it. So they go years and years just sitting until they build up illnesses, such blood clot and other issues with blood flow.

health scare

As scary as it may sound, some people have to be jolted in getting themselves to move around. They don’t have it in them to just get up and go. For some reason there is something that holds them back. And that goes back to motivation. Then they go to the doctor’s office and they hear you are at risk of a certain illness because they don’t move around enough. Now you’re forced to get up and move. And there is no greater motivation than being told you could die.

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“Get it together.”

overeating in america

I come from the Midwest, and if you know anything about this region of the country, you know we love to eat. And let’s not leave out the South as well. And to put things into perspective, when I say eat, I mean everything has pork fat, lard, fried, and glazed. Oh yeah, BBQ’d and smoked to perfection. And here lies the problem with the regions. Because when you have of the top fattest cities, four of the top five in one state (Texas) that possess a serious health concern. I know we live in a country where we can eat what we want, but there has to be limits. Texas, as I mentioned, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Michigan; these places lead the charge in being overweight.

good eatin, bad problems

What happens when you consume so much food, you start to develop health issues surrounding the food you eat. Diabetes, heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure, hyperglycemia, colon cancer, stomach cancer, throat cancer, liver disease, pancreatic cancer, gallbladder disease, kidney failure, and loss of vision (which can stem from diabetes). Now, if eating good means any of these issues, keep the meal over there. But we seem to not care and tell people don’t tell me what to eat. But it will be the problem of someone when they are forced to care for you when you lose a leg to Diabetes. So eat what you like, but think for just a moment those who may have to care for you.

hell, water can be bad drinking too much

You want to have a few donuts, fine; a little Haagen Dazs, go nuts. But go nuts every now and then. You can eat anything, just don’t make things a habit. Too much bread and not a balance of other foods can lead to illnesses. And what is more healthy then good old fashion bread. Well, there are fruits and vegetables; but beware, too much fruit raises sugar levels as well. You don’t need to eat sweets to still get sick. And after hearing this you say, now who cares. If fruit gets me sick, let me eat my donuts in peace. Well, nothing is guaranteed, but fruit is a hell of a lot better than chips and cookies and donuts. So eat as you wish, but don’t say you weren’t warned.

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“Take care.”

just existing

Ever wake up in the morning and feel like you just can’t get yourself motivated to do anything that is of benefit to your physical health? This is something that millions of Americans deal with everyday. And the reason being is that staying in shape is such a tough feat, especially once you’re out of school and no longer have to do so. You hated it in gym class, and even more now that you’re an adult. But what happens when you are not motivated to care about your physical health? I’ll tell you what happens, so goes the quality of life with the physique. Try doing to simplest of activities when you are not in shape and see how difficult it can be. Difficulty that was not there when you were in the best shape of your life.

going about your day

You take one step, then two steps, and by the third step you have to stop and take a breather. You are going to have to ask yourself a  few questions. And one of those questions is, how much do you weigh? Are you of healthy size? And if you still feel fine, know that walking such short stints and then having to stop for air is not normal. That is your body telling you are not fine. As a human being, why are the easiest of task wearing you out? Lifting weights should make you tired, but walking halfway up the street without having to take a seat is problematic. And I know people say love yourself, but liking what you see, and what is negatively effecting your body is another. You can discredit the physician, but don’t be surprised when it happens, the drawbacks.

when enough is enough

There will have to come a day where you can no longer run away from the thing that is keeping you from motivating yourself. You will have to eventually say to yourself that you are not well. And anyone who has dealt with weight problems their entire life will tell you that they don’t truly feel good. Not being mobile so you can accomplish simple task effecting your overall quality of life is not something you want to live with over time.

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“Nourishment for our bodies.”


Throughout history humans have found means of feeding ourselves that could aid in our continued existence on this planet. And eating animals were one of those means because there were so many people to feed. But as time progress, do we still need to eat the animals that we have always eaten? Maybe not as much as we think because everything is so enhanced. The enhancement has made eating certain foods unhealthy for the human body. Even some of our plants and fruits are genetically modified for our liking. But still, the plants we eat are more healthy for us than the meat we consume. So we have to find ways of getting the most in us that contribute to our health.


When your body gives you signs you have to listen to the signals that your body gives you. So for example, when you are starting to have health related problems due to certain food and beverage choices, then you have to make a shift. And trust me, I know; coming from an African American community, we love our foods. But it’s these same foods that put our ethnic group at such a high risk for illnesses: (Click the listed items below to view the website stats.)

  1. High Blood Pressure
  2. Hypertension
  3. Sickle Cell Anemia (not directly associated with food, but we’re at higher risk)
  4. Diabetes
  5. Stroke

So with the listed above sicknesses you can attain, you have to work overtime, especially if you are of an ethnic group prone to certain sicknesses. That means settling for baked over fried foods, and drinking more water over acidic beverages.


As for our meals, the daily intake should consist of something fresh in the morning: eggs, cereal, sometimes bacon, oatmeal, and apple or orange juice. The lunch should consist of a salad, and if it has chicken in it, baked Caesar Salad. And when you eat dinner, that entree shall be something alone the lines of rice, beans, cabbage, cornbread, collard greens (with less salt and sugars), corn (no pepper or salt), and some form of meat, but baked. Frying your food can be hard to digest through the system. Now, don’t forget to try to incorporate some type of exercise in your daily activities. For me, I will walk to work when the temperature allows me, which in a day can easily be 10 miles. So for me, I am turning a new leaf in 2018, how about you.

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“Incurable, but what about the future?”


What is Diabetes? Diabetes is when there is an instability with the hormone insulin. We have the two types of Diabetes: Type 1 Diabetes, which is when the pancreas is producing little to no insulin, and then Type 2 which is when the body is affected how it produces blood sugar. And of course there is at risk Diabetics which can be reversed, unlike the two types of Diabetes. What’s hard is that there is no real way to stop Diabetes from taking hold because a lot of people have a genetic predisposition, or the organs just aren’t pumping blood the way it should. So, as scary as it may seem, it just happens without any control.


As I might have guessed, African Americans are at a higher risk for Diabetes than any other group of people. Below are the statistics on Black people attaining the disease or living with the disease:


The video below explains how Diabetes work. ©Diabetes UK;


If you are at risk for Diabetes, come from a family where you are genetically predisposed, or even an ethnic group that has high risks of Diabetes, be kind to yourself. You have to know, especially if it’s genetics, that you have to eat right and exercise. I have made it my business to now have routine doctors visits starting this year. Because as an African American male, I have higher risks of getting Diabetes which could lead to heart attacks, stroke, or even in some cases blindness and amputation. So eat right, exercise, and get plenty of rest. Your body is your most important asset; so protect your investment.

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“One visit can change your life.”


You schedule yourself a doctor’s visit to the hospital for a routine check up. It has been a while since gong to the Black and White Blood Pressure Kithospital. But when you walk in, you sit down, get your name called, then make your way to the examination room, meanwhile, all sorts of thoughts go through your head. Then you meet with a physician and he/she run some test. That’s when you find out you’re at risk for some illness that could worsen if you don’t change your lifestyle. And in that moment, you realize all of your poor dietary habits.


After hearing the news, you sit around waiting for your papers to be drafted up for discharge. And the entire time architecture, daylight, dooryou’re thinking, “Have I really not been properly taking care of myself?” Then, you think about over the years when you would wake up early in the morning to chips, soda, and pizza from the night before. You think about how you would spend countless nights eating ice cream in front of the television set. Now that you are at risk of something much worse, you realize that a shift must take place.


Those first few months are going to be mentally tough for you because you are shifting your entire lifestyle. But Woman With White Sunvisor Runningthey are also tough because physically you’ll be going through withdrawal periods. Your body is so used to consuming junk over the years, you’ve built up a tolerance. Yet it’s not a tolerance, you’re actually on borrowed time. It’s only a matter of time before your body gives out because of your lifestyle. Now, that doesn’t mean if you eat healthy you’ll always be fine. But the risk are greater with a negative lifestyle.


Above all, you’ll be happy with the results. Not just the external, but internally you’ll feel good, maybe better than any other time in your life. And it’s because that one trip to the doctor’s office which put you at risk for a more serious illness. You initially were on a collision course with an early death, now there is nothing but light ahead.

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