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“Use what you know.”

teach yourself

In today’s society, self educating has become a major way in which people are learning to do anything in life. And there is a name for people who are able to self-educate; they are called autodidacts. I myself am an autodidact, and have been for quit some time now. Few people fall under this category because it’s so hard to self educate. You must have a great deal of patients and a willingness to learn. Because you are on your own for not just hours, but months and even years.

degree of failure

It’s very difficult for a lot of people to work on something and then deal with the idea of failure. It requires swallowing a pill that you don’t have to do when learning through an educator. The educator can show you where you went wrong and aid you through the problems. When self taught, you may get help from time to time, but for the most part you’re on your own. So this means failing, being honest with yourself and realizing when failure arises, and correcting mistakes. And being honest with self is something most can’t do because we think we’re so important and special. No one wants to openly admit they are awful at anything.

major upsides

There are so many great things that can come from self-educating. And the biggest is that when you step into world being in a classroom, it’s a lot different than the real landscape. But when you have gone through all the trials self-taught, you know what you’re up against. In a classroom, there is no studying for a test, the test is life. And it’s a test where you get a chance to use your notes in the classroom. And in the real world you have to make things happen. And we see all the upsides from some very talented people from online stores to running small brick and mortar businesses. Self-taught is the new wave, but how many will last is the real question?

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“The final grade is final.”


When students are in school, taking a test is major outcome of their overall grade in class. And when that grade is low, no matter how good your grades during the quarter or semester, it hurts your overall GPA (grade point average). Yet in today’s society, there has been a shift in grading where students now have a choice to retake the test. This is of course an isolated situation, but the fact that it’s growing in popularity is problematic.

fall and get up

When you allow a child to retake a test, you’re setting them up for a more failing grade than the D or F they received in class. Because if they are unable to cope with that letter grade, life gets harder. And they are going to be in for a real culture shock once they step into society. And environment where you are going to fail and there is no retaking of the test. You just have to deal with the loss. Luckily for those that have to deal they are able to fall and get back up. But for the child given a pass, they’ll grow to think the world is wrong, when in reality they were not prepared for life.

perfect world

Who in life wouldn’t want to re-due everything in their lives that they failed at, without losing time. But the reality is that you only have that one choice. You might have another shot to make the next situation better by learning from the previous. But since no one wants to deal with a hurt kid, we make it possible for them to live in a fictitious world. That is until they finally experience life’s hardships.

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“We get smarter, and we get more dangerous.”

learning to scale

The more educated we become the farther away from ourselves we get as people. You would think that the education would make us better. But what we have done is become more aware, yet distant at the same time. Our educated minds create technology meant to bring us closer together, yet it’s the mediums that binds us.

doing more

Are we not doing more with our learning? We send our children to schools to learn, but what. What are they really learning? Are they genuinely learning material that will have a positive impact or negative one? They able to used smart devices better than their parents, but are we not utilizing their abilities to its full potential. Should we be doing more are we doing enough?

negative externalities

When what we learn is not utilized in the appropriate manner, we worsen society. When the more learned and understood of the masses ignore morals and principles that have aided us thus far, we lose a piece of ourselves. For example, we educate ourselves in this new tech space. But now people are creating dating apps that break conventional dating norms. And what it has done was create an impersonal for of communication.


Our brains will grown because we are constantly evolving and trying to make sense of the world around us. But the more we learn about ourselves the more educated we become the more we become slaves to our own vulnerability.

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“Pay for stay.”

don’t forget to turn the light off

Have you ever been to a one star hotel? How about a top notch five start hotel? Well, that’s what our college campuses have become. A place where you received the knowledge to go into the world and build a life for yourself have now become more on experiences. And I don’t mean learning experiences, I mean actual fun experiences. There are now amenities that can rival going to an actual hotel for vacation. There are spas, state of the art gymnasiums, and even great places to dine. But what about the learning in school; where does the learning stand?

top notch living

The following college campuses are considered to be the most beautiful college campuses in America as written about in 2017.

  1. Berry College in GeorgiaRelated imageThis university is a private college located in Mount Berry in the state of Georgia. A relatively small campus with just under 2,000 undergraduate students and 130 graduate students. This rural campus provides beautiful views in a serene living environment.
  2. University of Colorado Boulder, ColoradoUniversity of Colorado - Most beautiful US universitiesThis sprawling campus looks more like its own SUBURBAN community than a college campus. Not only top notch facilities, but also the relaxation of KNOWING the people inhabiting your campus is students.
  3. Bryn Mawr College, PennsylvaniaBryn Mawr - Most beautiful US universitiesThis private instituion is a women’s liberal college who traces its roots back to the late 1800’s. Also a small private school with a great learning environment for women.
  4. Stanford University, California
A prestigious university home to great academic learning facilities, great leisure activities, and equally attractive NCAA sports program. But without a scholarship to pay for attendance, good luck in getting into the school even with an acceptance letter. This university is quite expensive, but worth the stay.
5. University of Hawai’i at Mānoa, Hawai’iUniversity of Manoa - most beautiful US universities
This college campus is literally in an environment that is a resort town. This campus is a much larger institution with beautiful Pacific Ocean views. It’s hard to believe that students actually attend college classes and resist the ability to go to the beach.
6. Cornell University, New York
This Ivy League university which sits boast state of the art facilities and a rural landscape that resembles European style architecture.
7. University of Notre Dame, Indiana
A university that not only pride itself on being a historic school for academics, but also a school that inspired a film (Rudy). Student sight every year to be apart of the Fighting Irish, but very few get accepted. Unless you’re one of the best athletes in the country, then you have a better chance of playing and attending the school.
8. Princeton University, New Jersey
This Ivy League college is of the most respected of them all. Known for graduating multiple businessman and prominent politicians. Nestled quietly in the city of Princeton, New Jersey, they have been and continue to one the most sought after schools in the country. So good luck with trying to get an acceptance letter, and that goes for athletes as well.
9. Furman University, South Carolina

Lesser known, when standing next to the names on this list, but what it lacks in name recognition it makes up with beauty. Another private, Ivy League school situated in the rural environment of South Carolina. It is a home away from home for so many attending.
10. University of Virginia, Virginia

And the last on the list, but still well-known, this public university in a Commonwealth state has a southern feeling in the Northeast. Not only a sports powerhouse, but they are also a major research university institution.

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“Remote learning.”

from home

Remember the days when you would see those online commercials and laugh when people went to the schools. Or how about the ITT Technical Institute commercials. Not so funny anymore since traditional colleges and private institutions have become so expensive. Now people are settling for the online school and the small tech college. What was seen in prior years as a gimmick has become all the rage. So what is the future of education the more classes are moved to the online platforms?

traditional college, still online

In today’s society, there are classes you can take at your university that are on the computer. Why, well the professor may feel it’s more convenient to go through the portal connected to the school’s website. And I myself have taken a few of these classes, and have done well to be honest with you. It has everything that a normal classroom would have: homework, test, quizzes, and even class participation. But is there a downside to the classes that are on the computer? And the answer to this is yes.

impersonal relationships

When you go to a university, there is a reason you are having a face to face interaction. It’s to prepare you for the real relationships you’ll have to develop when dealing with people. But how are you to deal with people when all you know how to do is communicate through a device. The result is that when you do deal face to face you’re going to think that someone is being tougher on you than they really are being tough. Everything will come off as hurtful because language is stronger in person than typed.

the inevitable

Doesn’t matter what people think, things will eventually shift to a more digital means of going to school. With the constant rise of college education and lack of jobs once students leave school, other options will be exercised. But the wave of the future is moving to online, so get used to it.

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“What is it really?”


The month of May is ending and June is beginning. And the month of June is going to be yet another topic. And the topic for the month will be education. Once again, 12 topics video uploaded and throughout the month random post surrounding education. The topics will be how public grammar schools are changing with technology to how negatively technology is effecting teaching; even how the landscape of college is changing.

why education

The reason for the focus this month, is how the need to attend school and attain an education is changing. Arising questions of whether we will need college in the future or not. The cost associated with going to and not going to school. Technology taking over that could put educators out of jobs. Or maybe a new market will open to teachers teaching from home. Coincidently I am writing this topic while schools across the country are wrapping up the year.


So, as you read, I hope you find enjoyment out the topics as you have thus far with my blog. Continue to read, like, share, and follow.

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