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“What is your business background?”


We are in the last few days of the month of September. Going into the next month it will be dedicate to the business. I hope you have all enjoyed so far this year, and I am looking forward to you enjoying this month as well. So continue to read, like, follow, share, and I will be bringing you more topics for the next month.

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“They work the mind because you want them to do so.”


Conspiracy theorists have always been giving us their take on why incidents take place with the government sitting somewhere at the head of the situation. No matter if it’s assassinations of leaders or a terrorist attack. The theorist will be there to provide you with an explanation for why the government is trying to distract the people from the real issue at hand. And unlike any other time in history, theorist have a major foothold in the world today. Well, why do they wheel so much power in the world today?


Their popularity comes as result of how people want to see the world. Because the idea of something happening with no real explanation, just random is too scary to stomach. So what these theorists do is provide you with enough evidence so that it rings true to your ears. People want to believe that someone up high knew what was going on. Because America is way too powerful to not know anything. And when you want to find a reason for something, anything, the internet is the perfect place to find an answer to whatever ales you. But with all the theorists out here, how do the few amass the popularity that they do?


We all have a deep feeling, a passion, a belief for something. Yet for the most part as a human species, our feelings  and beliefs are just that, feelings and beliefs. They don’t quite mean that much, but sense we have it, we feel it’s suppose to mean something. The problem with that, is when you don’t want to come to terms with why you feel a certain way, or if it’s right, you’ll back up your feeling with information out here. And yes, you’re going to find information, but is it credible. Because conspiracy theorists take you in a loop, there is never a behind the curtain is this here. Interestingly enough, they take you on the same loop that they tell you the government is taking you for; so you reject one loop to fall into another loop. Why, it’s because you’re in love with what makes you feel good and not truth.


Now what’s interesting with how the conspiracy theorist works the mind is that in their daily lives, they live by way of the system. These popular guys like Alex Jones talk about the money supply and how capitalism is evil, but have you ever seen their homes? Ever see where their children go to school? They have made a business out of you chasing the theory, and what’s hilarious. Their children go to the same prep schools as the children of the elite they have you angry toward. It’s so funny how things work themselves out, but you give people your mind. You give them your mind because you have a hard time living in reality. So they’ll give you a reality that soothes your soul.

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“How to galvanize for terror.”

When observing the human species, we have galvanized throughout history for a wide range of reasons. Whether it be to protest rights for groups of people who have been marginalized, or galvanizing to push back against a war that is claiming the lives of many. But what I have attempted to study over time is the ability that man has to galvanize groups for killing. And I don’t mean any type of killing, but bringing a group together for genocide. How does a man such as Idi Amin who was responsible for the Ugandan genocide or Adolf Hitler who ordered the murders of millions of Jews during the Holocaust galvanize for death? And that is something that requires you to go into the mind a little deeper. And it means looking at a few psychological indicators: social programming, infliction of pain, and appealing to the emotionally distressed.

In an effort to understand how people can round u into a frenzy to kill mass amounts of people, you have to look at the first part of the passage above: social programming. Well, how do you socially program people to look another human and convince that group of people to commit mass genocide on another group of people? Let’s first look at a few examples as to how you can control people via social programming. Look at slavery in America and the ability to convince humans another human is 75% human. As much as  

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we like to think we as humans are thinkers, we have an Achilles heel when thinking and that is that we seek answers to information, especially perceived complex problems from people we deem are scholarly. So if a group of ten people are sitting down together and one is perceived to have more knowledge than the rest based on how he or she is stating their points, we will believe them to be right even if we are right in our own regard. 

Why, well because the perceived knowledgeable person’s vocabulary might be more vast. So the scholarly people respected in Europe during the time of slavery all had ideologies about Africans. And since these scholars were well traveled and few people outside the scholarly community left Europe, you as a European citizen take what they say at face value. So, stating these Africans are savages, we all believe. Only savages can be used against each other for conquering. Which means they must be some subhuman mammal. People will follow their word, especially at that time when information to the public was limited. And on top of that the European civilization was deemed civilized, and anything else was less functional. Now that’s the social programming. What about how people are able to inflict pain?

During the Holocaust there was a multitude of people used as guinea pigs in the conduction of human experimentation, walking children to gas chambers, and setting fire to dead bodies after being killed. You might ask, what human is capable of enforcing such horror on another human being that you previously saw walking the street. Well, I go back to the experiment made famous by a psychologist by the name, Stanley Milgram. He conducted an experiment which showed how an experimenter could get the tester to administer a shock to the learner. At first the teacher is reluctant,Image result for holocaustthen eventually, the teacher is shocking the learner without order. An experiment which showed how a human given orders could harm another person. Now in genocide, there is twist, and that is that if the teacher does not administer the shock, the teacher could be killed. And self-preservation results in being able to take another human life.

But what about the ability to appeal to the emotionally distressed? Because when you take away a group’s ability to existence, and you are able to have a common enemy that is shown to the people, then you can also get humans to react. Such as how the Nazis were able to speak to the ethos of the financially stressed and hurt Germany. Or how the Rwandan Hutu leaders were able to make the people feel they needed to seek revenge on the Tutsi. Here is a basic example on a much lower level. When someone loses their job, and are down on their last. Someone gives you food and shelter. You are told you deserve more, and should have more. But you also have to comprise of a group of people who have held dominant power for so long. This is important because it’s why historically agendas have been easier to make White men turn on another group in America than Black. The ideology has long stood that this (America) is your (White men’s) country.

With that said, these are generally the individuals who turn to groups like skin heads or KKK. When you see groups that you used to have the upper hand over, now in positions of power, no matter how small that population may be you’re fighting against. Speaking to the hurt in someone, especially if that someone is of a group than has long been in charge. But in the end, a real biological reason you can turn humans so genocidal is that we are not far removed from apes. We share 99% strain with them, and are  1%  Image result for humans and apesdifferent. We think we’re special because we build infrastructure, but on a level of mammal, we still hold that animal inside. The smarter of the humans are still baboons, yet they are of the stronger baboon that realize there are dumber baboons who are led by emotion, not logic and reasoning.

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“As much as we hate it, we have to protect it.”

Hate speech is free speech, what some have stated. But whether we realize it or not, hate speech is protected under the United States constitution. But a large reason why we have to protect even hate speech, is because once we administration, america, artstart giving up the ability to talk freely, then what next. Another reason we
must protect all speech is because who makes the decision on what’s hate. I have things I define as hate speech, but not everybody sees it that way. I may think one of my political views is right, while someone else sees it as a hateful thing to stand behind. And conversely speaking, what I dislike and see as hate speech is fine by someone else.

But lets go back to why we must protect even hate speech. For starters, it’s Related imagehard to protect a verbal means of communication that is probably geared toward not liking you. Only problem is, once I form a coalition to stop these individuals from speaking, then how long will it be before my rights are trampled on. Meaning, former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick was seen Related imageas hateful for not standing for the national anthem at a football game. But political commentator Ann Coulter was seen as pushing hate speech and was banned from Berkley College’s campus. Both expressing a freedom of speech, and both protested.


Now, Ann is in a different position considering she is an independent worker and Colin played for a team, but nonetheless expressed their free speech. They both not only expressed their right, but also did so in alignment with the laws of the land. And yet, a conservative right and liberal left silenced them both. While at the same time screamed my own rights are Image result for bill of rightsbeing infringed upon. Which brings me to another reason you must protect all speech because we are losing our rights in America. But we’re willing to take them from each other. It’s not even the government intervention. We’re taking each other’s rights, spying on each other in hopes of finding anything to take someone else’s job.

Now, another issue is brought into light with why you can’t censor someone’s speech. And that is, what is hate speech really? I have my interpretation for what is hate speech. But that is just the key word, “interpretation.” What I like may be seen as hate speech, and what you Related imagefollow might be seen as hate speech. This is why all speech must be protected no matter how incendiary. Because what we define as hate speech is so broad and wide, we we must allow all speech. As a matter of fact a way to deal with hate speech is more speech around hate speech. And if it’s hateful, let the people show their faces. We don’t want them hiding in the background, we want them up front where we can see them.

And in the end that’s the biggest problem. The fact that we are actively trying to censor people just because we disagree is so arrogant. Because it assumes we, as the person censoring them, have all the right answers. And Low Section of Man Against Skywe don’t because my truth and fact might be different as time progress. And
that next generation’s truth changes as well. So with so much changing in our society, we have no choice but to open up the forum for conversation. And if you disagree, how about the right to be offended. Yet it still never sinks in, until it’s too late. And by the time it’s too late, we’ve all would have already relinquished control; and it’ll be our own fault.



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“Getting mad for the sake of getting mad.”

We all get mad from time to time, but some of us have other forms of frustration and anger. And that form of anger is made up scenarios. That’s right, made up scenarios. Scenarios that we think about something and play it out in our minds long enough and it will make you upset. And before you alone, black-and-white, depressedknow it, you’re spiraling out of control over something that not only has no meaning, but you’re made over events that never took place. Where does it come from? How are we able to bring ourselves to such a dark place so rapidly? I have a few insights into why we do this, and how it manages to slip into our conscious mind.

Well, I can speak on these types of situations because I have had them. These intense moments when all you can think about is the anger. Mine Image result for angercould happen from a video involving a fight or a social issue I feel passionately about. Then I start to think about the event, and before you know it, I am part of the event. Now I’m mad about a circumstance that has never taken place in my life. And before you know it, I have wasted a good two to three hours made over, what. And that what is what; nothing. Where does that come from. Because mentally, for those out there who get made, it has to come from somewhere.

One of the theories I have is the idea of a lack of existence. When you don’t feel like you have a real life, this anger gives your life purpose. It’s the same reason why it’s so easy to offend people in society today. Because people Man Standing on Brown Grass Lawn during Daytimehave become addicted to the anger like a drug. But when you come down off that high you feel worst than the initial anger. Now, you have to put yourself back into that angry mind frame because you need that shot of pleasure. I wrote a prior post about dopamine in the brain. These pleasure pathways that trigger the reward-motivator inside of us. Which oddly as it sounds, if placed in the right direction, you could be happier.

Now, I’m not saying I’m unhappy, it just happens. Ok, what is another reason besides being unhappy. These triggers of anger in people can also result from issues in the subconscious. Things that make us angry can take Related imageplace when we already feel passionately about a certain topic. So, for example, you hear about a woman cheating on her boyfriend. Next thing
you know you say to yourself, “Is my girlfriend cheating?” Then wondering leads to you convincing yourself she is cheating. And now you’re angry about your girlfriend cheating that never happened. You might ruin your relationship from an event that never even took place. All because you made up a scenario in your mind.

In the end, this all sounds a bit psychotic, but it’s real. And a lot of the reasons we get mad too is based off of our own insecurities and lack of control. People make us angry and situations make us angry even when we didn’t experience them because we are not secure with ourselves. We have no control in our lives, so it must be because someone else who we never met put it there. It’s uncomfortable to talk about because it is a slight case of mental illness. But with a good quality of life, comes a clean mind.



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“Do you feel overtaken?”

In the United States today, more than ever before the control over ones language and what is allowed to say and not say has become problematic. And coupled with the inability for those in power to be honest, America could find itself in a world like a Nazi Germany. Now do I think there will be concentration camps and extermination, no. But I do think that certain aspects of the power structure such as disregarding media can happen. Focusing blame on a centralized group of people or ideology can happen. As far as the extermination, the masses will do that to themselves. And with little trust in media, how would you believe anything is really going on.

The people who are elected to power could cause this to happen. When you have people making promises that are not delivered as well as restricting people’s ability to express themselves how they want, it opens the door for bad leadership. People feel like they gave lost their voice and they become desperate. They become  so desperate that they’ll elect someone to office no matter how bad the ideas. As long as the person follows through with their policies, they’ll follow them. While at the same time, you’re given freedoms restricted by previous people in power.

For instance, we have become sensitive to language. Now you have people in charge telling you what you can and cannot say. Then if you go against the grain, you lose everything you’ve worked for in life. This new person comes along and does not restrict language. No matter how bad the language, we stand behind them because they gives us this ability. And while we have this ability, he/she also delivers on his/her promises. They can do no wrong in the eyes of the masses. Yet, what they’re doing really might not be in the best interest of the people. This is how radicals rise to power in civilizations. The previous way creates desperation in people that they’ll vote anyone who aligns themselves with their agenda.

Well why, why would this awful person rise to power. It can’t be all about the language and not holding up their end of the bargain. See, in my opinion, it all boils down to transparency. If you live in a nation where transparency is lacking, then a bad leader can infiltrate. An awful leader infiltrating the system can lead to an even more detrimental society. It will seem like they are for the people, but in reality they have their own agenda that benefits them. Pushing their causes and discrediting media for going against it. And since the confidence in media has diminished, the leader will now have greater control with less checks and balances.

See, in the end, restricting ones’ abilities to live freely while also not holding up your end of the bargain politically, will cause chaos in society. The type of chaos which could lead to a dictator coming into a system. Creating policies that are more harmful than helpful. But transparency is key; key to society rising or falling.


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“How do you define greatness?”

When most people think of the word great, they automatically assume it means good. But what we fail to realize is that one can be a great leader and be a bad human being at the same time. How so, well Martin Luther King Jr. and Adolf Hitler were both great leaders. Just hearing those two names used in the same sentence draws criticism. But remember what I said; I said great leaders are different from great people. A great leader is someone who can command control over an individual or groups of people. Good people are those who seek to be as moral and ethical as possible for the greater good of all mankind. So it is possible to be a great leader and yet be a bad person.

I think saying that Adolf Hitler was a great leader creates such disconnect with a lot of people. Understandably so considering he ordered the deaths of millions of people in one the most genocidal acts in human history. But if he were not a great leader, how would he have managed to get people to follow him so closely. It’s easy to say, well he spoke hatred and separation. But any man can stand in the street and spew hate, but how does one get others to listen. For starters you have to be able to command an audience by connecting to the masses through an emotional channel. You do so by expressing an already internalized feeling that people hold. Then giving them a reason to feel angry by transferring that rage onto someone else. Therefore you make the powerless feel powerful by convincing the powerless they are losing at no fault of their own.

After convincing people it is not their fault, express how the country has turned its back on the powerless. While at the same time gave what is rightfully theirs to someone else who is not deserving. We as people love to blame our faults and pitfalls on others. Speak to that emotion and discredit people higher up: media, politicians, and powerful world leaders who say otherwise. Furthermore, you empower this group of people by convincing them they are more than who has been benefiting outside of them. The idea that all is possible is a testament to great leadership, but not a good person. Well what about great leadership and good people.

Martin Luther King Jr. was both great leader and great person. He is the testament to what good can come of the world when one uses their powers for good. He had the voice, the ability to empower the powerless, yet also empower the powerless without making the powerless feel superior to the powerful. Because when you make the powerless feel empowered by way manipulation you get a Nazi Germany. The powerless group channel all their anger to the group who supposed to be in their way of progressing. This creates a reality built around vagueness, and does not aid the powerless in their pursuit of freedom. This is why MLK was successful in his pursuit.

MLK had the voice, the words, and the heart to get his point across. He empowered Black people by encouraging them to combat the hate not the group. Even though our rights were being violated by White men and women, channeling the anger to this group as a whole is counterproductive. Instead, you channel the anger and rage into a strategic plan that sways those in power who happen to be White men and women. Because once those in power make the call, the rest will follow suit. See, in the end, greatness is an ambiguous term. We use it to mean good, yet great can have multiple meanings. If you Google great leader, you’ll see all the good-nature people because that’s how we use language. But broadening that terminology will better aid in understanding how the bad people become great leaders as well.