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“Rapidly disappearing and I think I know why.”

With every passing year, the number of people who are listed as non-religious continuously increases. What is this due to in our society? Will the trend continue or slow down? See, for thousands of years, man has tried to understand where we came from as a species. We aim to understand why we think the way we think and behave in a certain manner also. Is it mental or is it real? Are we really a deity creation or just an organism that eventually passes and that is it. There are a number of factors that play a role in this phenomenon as it pertains to losing religion, but I can think of a few right off the back. The reasons I came up with were scientific studies, control, and wars fought.

For starters, let’s observe science. Throughout history man has tried to gain insight into the world by means of scientific proof. Being that religion is unchanging in an ever changing world, it puts itself in a tough position. Science is such a threat because scientific findings obliterate the belief. Well, how so? Humanity is living longer and longer. A lot of this is due to the advancements in technology and modern medicine. So the burden of proof forces you to look at the logic of your beliefs with such quantum advancements. It is so strong, it’s almost like the belief thousands of years ago that the Earth was flat. Scientist understood that it was round, which went against beliefs in the past. But now we accept the Earth as round. So scientific proofs hurt beliefs because there is such strong evidence. Science can afford to be wrong, religion cannot.

Another reason for the dip in religious following is because of the control. As an American citizen, we have heard that Christian beliefs are under attack. But are they really? Are people really attacking the belief, or the belief enforced on others who choose to live differently? For example women’s roles in society and Gay marriage. You may not agree, but only one group is making a move to stand in from of it. And it’s that control that people have become divided on. What’s even crazier is that the people who fight for their belief have at times been caught up in controversy themselves. Whether it’s Catholicism and sexual assault convictions or politicians who have been found out to be Gay, pushing against Gay initiatives.

Then again, there are the other reasons why religion has diminished. And that has to do with wars. Wars, mostly in today’s society, are fought throughout the Middle East stem from something having to do with religion. Even in America, there are wars, more so involving verbal disputes, but wars nonetheless, over religion. So much so, that collectively, the populace have gotten rather fed up with the idea that yet another war could be fought. Why, because it is our youth who could lose their lives. Continuous death, until a collective of people finally stand in front of the fighting. So what now? Do we fight against thousands of years of ritualistic practices or accept it as truth? Is man ready to look at life as this is it? Or, is there more to the notion of us being created by a deity? Whatever the case, the numbers are dropping for those who believe. So a real debate is in need for a “collective” reason as to why.


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