“Why are all bad things synonymous with the color Black?”

From Black cats to outer space. Anything that is attached to the color Black is connected to negativity. Where did all of this come from? Who decided that this would be the definition for a color? But more so, why is this topic so important to myself? This topic of color is of interest to me because of the construct. The societal construct of living in a society where skin color has been the defining motto of a country. Now biologically, it means nothing in the way in which it means something to the human species. But we construct society to make it mean something.

The reason this topic is of importance is because the construct starts young. From the moment your mother gives you a relaxer as a young Black girl to Black boys who want more of a wavy hair look rather than the natural you. The connotation of what you are starts young. Making you believe that the hair follicles that grow out of your own head is no good. Next is the wanting for eye contacts, which consists of other colors. Anything to make yourself appear unique. Dark brown or black eyes are seen as lacking life, void, and without substance.

But is it all true, or all false. Even down to the foods we eat. Anything black is not only seen as visually unpleasant, but it is prepared to lack any real flavor. Now I challenge these ideologies and go, what are the good things that are connected to being Black. One of which is dark chocolate, which has a bitter taste, but actually is really good for you. Or better yet, more melanin protects you from the sun than anyone else of a lighter skin tone. So why do we focus on what is the negative?

For starters, when observing people, associating Black with something bad is of benefit. When you observe for example American history, it was of benefit to attach color to the country’s construct. It’s the main reason White men and women couldn’t have been slaves in this country. It’s virtually impossible to have a defining “thing,” which separates them outside of color. But, you bring into the mix another group and you’re in business. So whose to blame for constructs? Because like I said before, man gives meaning to a lot of stuff we live by. So color for the most part has very little importance to the human species.

In the end, we not only connect color for understanding something we aim to describe, but also societal constructs. But the construct is not to benefit society. On a social level it is to control the masses. Only people have the ability to change that. In my opinion, we know all of what I have said to be true. We have just become comfortable because whoever benefits is all that matters. We are a as long as it doesn’t effect me world. It only becomes important and not language sensitivity when we are effected group.



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