Flat Lay Photography of Fruit Platter

“A family that eats together.”

eat right together

In your household, how often do you and your family eat a healthy meal together? Because a lot of families around the country don’t eat a meal that is based in health. They typically eat foods that are not good for them. Now to play devil’s advocate, a lot of the unhealthy food is cheaper and goes further. So trying to eat a balanced diet when you are eating on a budget is tough. Because it cost way more money to eat healthy foods than it does to not eat healthy. For example, McDonald’s menu has entire $1 meals you can purchase, but there is not much room to eat a good meal at night for $3. And these fast food restaurants are locate din poorer communities.

kids eat what we eat

When I was a kid and there was a BBQ for the family, we as the kids ate whatever he parents had to eat. So if the kids had rib tips, then you know what, so did we. The problem that this creates is starting kids off on the wrong track as it pertains to trying to eat right. There really is no reason that kids should be eating the same food as full grown adults. Especially considering that the adults are eating foods they should be cutting form their diet as well.

making the conscious decision

As you walk the aisles of the grocery store, resist the temptation to purchase foods that are not good for you. For so many of us who like eating the unhealthy because it taste good, that’s hard. For me, it’s really not that hard of a task to do. I know what I want versus what is good for me to eat. So eating foods good for me is quite simple. But I also played sports, so eating foods that were good for you were beneficial. So, my who life has been set this way. And trying a new exercise regimen or diet becomes easy.

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