Person Using Black Blood Pressure Monitor

“Take care of yourself.”

(how it works) I am not the sole owner of the video above. Click the link in the parenthesis to watch more about insurance on eHealth.

afford something

The video above talks about how insurance coverage works. And if you happen to be one the Americans who can afford health coverage that works for you and your family, then count your lucky stars. Because there are so many people in this country who don’t have the means to pay for their healthcare. I know for myself, I went a very long time no being able to afford healthcare coverage. But now I do have some form of coverage. Notice I said some form of coverage. Because I don’t have the best, but it is enough to get the job done.

remember, low is good enough

Note something, I said before that it is good to have some type of insurance. But realize that when I say you have some type, you are not necessarily provided with good insurance. Check out the coverage to what about of money. Check out the co-pays if there are any. Also, check out the people that are in your network available to you. You might learn that you could find yourself out of a lot of money if there is something seriously wrong with your health. Even with insurance, you are out of a lot of money because you’re buying on a budget. But if it’s all you can afford, I guess you have to go with that type of insurance coverage.

stay strong, just in case

When you know that you are on a budget when it comes to healthcare, then you have to make the adjustments to your life. Make sure you eat right and exercise whenever you can. There is nothing guaranteed, but at least you lower your chances when you take precaution. Like me, I have some serious paranoia when it comes to health. So even with exercise, I tend to get sick. So imagine if you don’t take care of yourself.

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