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“We could all use a little more.”

grease these palms

Whenever you feel like you have been putting in the work in order to attain a raise on a job, how do you approach the boss to ask for a raise? You could walk up and say something like, “I am here to ask for a raise and if I don’t get one, I can no longer work here.” That is the type of stuff said in movies, then cut to, the employee is walking from the building after being fired. This is the wrong way to go about asking for a raise on a job. You never just walk in a demand, unless you have some serious market value.

work in company’s interest

You want to make more money, you will catch the company’s attention the more you bring value to the organization. Because you will become someone on the radar that they can’t afford to lose. It’s like in the financial sector where if you are someone that is working your way through the company, it’s hard for you to leave and go to another financial firm. They kind of put a franchise tag on you like an athlete. So work and learn to be this person that they need. Then you will get an offer you can’t refuse.

know you are worth it

Just because you go to work everyday does not mean you have this great value to the company. People sometimes dilute themselves into thinking they have real value but they have nothing to add to the organization in the end. So before you make a demand know that you have something that is a bargaining chip. Otherwise you will find yourself out of a raise and out of a job.

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