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daily grind

When you are working in your business on a daily basis there are so many things that take place which make it hard for you to operate. There are these unexpected problems that will arise and how you respond to them will determine how well your business operates. People just think you build it, they show up, you make money, and that’s it. But you have to be able to harness skills to make yourself last over the long haul. And in order to do that you have to acknowledge the strengths and weaknesses, as well as the opportunities and threats to your business.

adjust to change

When the society around you is changing, make sure you can adjust to the changes. One of the ways to do this when you look at how fast food restaurants have Uber car services delivering food. How did they know to get themselves involved in this space? But most of all, why aren’t more small businesses using this ability? And that is the problem with so many small businesses, they don’t shift when they should. By the time they do, it’s too late. And they are usually last to the party. Which is shocking considering that they are able to shift quicker than a big company because they are smaller and have less people who are dictating.

understand your base and bases

People need to be able to look around and say to themselves, I have this aging base, but they are still a base. How do I reach them? Is the same method of reaching consistent or has it changed? But you also have to acknowledge the fact that a new generation comes up and your base usually starts to pass away. And if you are still alive when this happens you have to understand the new base. And people get set into a way and they have a hard time shifting. So what happens is what usually happens. A small business goes out of business, even the ones who have been around for such a long time.


It can cost you money, sometimes a lot of money, but you have to keep up with the change in times. There are small businesses, like restaurants, that have been in business for decades that still don’t have a website. They just rely on word of mouth. That is not a smart move in today’s society when so many people get referred based on an internet find. So this smells danger for a business. If you are a business that sells a product, like once again , fast food, upgrade the inside. What was considered good for the past might look less appealing into the future. Adjust to the changes around you and know when to react and how to react.

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