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“Making moves.”

daily grind

When you are working in your business on a daily basis there are so many things that take place which make it hard for you to operate. There are these unexpected problems that will arise and how you respond to them will determine how well your business operates. People just think you build it, they show up, you make money, and that’s it. But you have to be able to harness skills to make yourself last over the long haul. And in order to do that you have to acknowledge the strengths and weaknesses, as well as the opportunities and threats to your business.

adjust to change

When the society around you is changing, make sure you can adjust to the changes. One of the ways to do this when you look at how fast food restaurants have Uber car services delivering food. How did they know to get themselves involved in this space? But most of all, why aren’t more small businesses using this ability? And that is the problem with so many small businesses, they don’t shift when they should. By the time they do, it’s too late. And they are usually last to the party. Which is shocking considering that they are able to shift quicker than a big company because they are smaller and have less people who are dictating.

understand your base and bases

People need to be able to look around and say to themselves, I have this aging base, but they are still a base. How do I reach them? Is the same method of reaching consistent or has it changed? But you also have to acknowledge the fact that a new generation comes up and your base usually starts to pass away. And if you are still alive when this happens you have to understand the new base. And people get set into a way and they have a hard time shifting. So what happens is what usually happens. A small business goes out of business, even the ones who have been around for such a long time.


It can cost you money, sometimes a lot of money, but you have to keep up with the change in times. There are small businesses, like restaurants, that have been in business for decades that still don’t have a website. They just rely on word of mouth. That is not a smart move in today’s society when so many people get referred based on an internet find. So this smells danger for a business. If you are a business that sells a product, like once again , fast food, upgrade the inside. What was considered good for the past might look less appealing into the future. Adjust to the changes around you and know when to react and how to react.

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“Working hard against the big boys.”

trying to exist

In a world where big business is finding more and more ways to control how does a small business stay in business? How do you exist where the brands that we all have come to know and love are the ones right next door to you? I see companies like Walmart come into my small town where I am from and completely remove small business out of the way. And who can blame people for going to Walmart with their always low prices. When you have so many families struggling to make ends meet, there is a need to spend less money.

the threat of dying

When you see companies on the internet offering what you are doing at such low prices, it scares some people into reconsidering staying in business. That has to scare you because they have such unlimited resources that you don’t have. I also see this with small businesses like diners that have been in communities for decades, but have to close their doors. And it is due to big businesses and condos being built in the vicinity. Now the price to stay open is tougher than before. So you have to keep in mind what is going on around and stay up with the trends that are changing.

you offer something special

I gave an example prior about how the diners have closed in certain areas where I live. But then again, what taste better a diner or Subway. A lot of people would tell you Subway. The diner or McDonald’s, and most would say the diner. But for some reason the people have chosen the fast food chain. so now the diner has to figure out a way to exist because their food taste a lot better than the chains. And that’s when you realize as a business owner that you have to create something that is going to sit you apart form the brands. And you can create something that will help you survive. It’s all about how you are going to market yourself and take advantage of opportunities as they come along.

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“Figure out your business.”

left minded operator

What do you do when you have an idea for a business, but you are not a business minded person? Now, the best way to go about this would be to hire someone who is so they can assist you along your journey. But what happens when you don’t know anyone who can aid you? You have to then become what you are not. I don’t think Steve Jobs or Bill Gates are business minded people, but they grew to be those types of people. When you can’t find the resources to aid you through your journey, you have to make your plans work for you on your own. So what are the steps to accomplish this feat.

getting the job done right

Measures must be taken in order to ensure you are going to have a successful business.


Research what type of business structure: S-Corp, LLC., non-profit, etc. This will be the step in determining your business. Then you have to move on to the next step


Decided the product and/or service you want to find yourself providing to the public. This coupled with the legal structure of your business will aid in coming up with the next step of the business process.


Sit down and write out your executive summary of what it is you are looking to accomplish in your overall business moving forward. And from here you can move on to the big plan.


Here is where you will be putting together the business plan. This is the over documentation which will provide a full layout; an eye opener into your business.


You would think this would be the beginning, but it’s not. This is the portion of the business that involves procuring funding for the operations.


Now once you have procured the funding and all the planning is put into place, do you open doors; not yet.


Spread the word about your business. You don’t just open doors and hope people will just walk in off the street. How do you expect them to find out about what you do?


Start the process of making known you have a business, and it is hiring. Unless you are operating from a place where of not really needing daily employees. But at some point you will need to hire depending on the success of the business.


Stock up on inventory if you have not already have. That is taking into consideration you need inventory for your business; unless it is a service. The the people are more so the inventory for the consumer.


Open the door to your business, and allow for customers to make use of your product/service.

don’t get too stuck

The scary aspect of business is failing, but there is another problem lurking. And that problem is people who make money and get complacent. They get stuck in one place and fail to reinvent themselves. And this is the point they start to decline. But you are a creative, how do you maintain creativity, but operate like a businessperson in such a strict manner as well. You have to develop both sides of the brain.

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“See how they work first.”

a family affair

When making the decision to open a business, there are some age old questions regarding the business. And one of those questions is, should you hire family to do the job. And so many people feel that hiring family is a major problem. One reason being is that people don’t feel the need to work as hard when it’s for family. Another problem you run in to is the idea of pay. People who are family, and even friends want to make a certain amount of money just because we are close to each other. And that can prove to be a problem if you look at a business from the standpoint of performance. So what do you do in the case of hiring?

wait a while

People don’t want to hire friends and family because of the issues that come with it. But you have to see first how things pan out. Only disregard keeping them once it has been proven they are not up to par. Because now you have to make a decision whether to keep them or watch your business fail. But initially it is too hard to tell. You might even have them show up and prove to be better employees than hiring people you don’t know. Only problem is if worse comes to worse, can you be the one to pull the plug on the entire operation? Or can you be the one to pull the plug on them? These are the decisions you may have to make for your business.

upsides of outsourcing

People who you hire from outside of your friends and family will work the job on average more efficiently. Why, well they are not aware of who you are in life. So they are just coming to work for a new business. People close to you may feel that since they know you, there is this preconceived idea as to how you will run a business. That lack of know from the outside is just you Average Joe opening a business. People are showing up because they need work, not interested in trying to figure you out.

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