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“It factor.”


You love to write, you love to sing, you love to paint, you love to take photos. Your gift, your passion is telling a story somehow to the masses that listen. Only problem is, your passion may not always be the right decision to make in life. Your passion may not pay the bills because then again we live in a capitalistic society. A society where things cost money and dough is important. So it’s fine and all to have all these dreams an aspirations of being this storyteller. But you have to survive as well. So what does that really mean?

work while you work

As you pursue your passion, make sure you have some sort of income that will enable you to continue to follow the dreams that you have in life. Meaning, I work multiple jobs, just so I can continue to focus on my passion which is writing (books), filmmaking, and photography. So with that said, you have to sometimes work jobs you don’t want to work. But guess what, it pays your way until you get to where you have to go. If you’re stuck in the now, you’ll never get to that point of prosperity. A point where you can look back and go,” I did it.” You took the demotion and now you’re happy and successful in doing what you have to do.

whose with you

Are you in a relationship, or are you single? Do you have parents and siblings sup[porting you or not? You may need some type of assistance which will serve as you support behind you mentally and financially. Now, a lot of people don’t have that because you may be pursuing something that they see as not a real career goal. So don’t be shocked if you have to go at it alone. Because then again, it’s your life, you do with it as you please. You want to sleep all day, fine, be able to pay your bills. But chances are, you won’t be doing much sleeping pursuing your goals.

be aware of your odds

I know we all want to be great in our passion. But let’s be practical for a moment in relation to our odds. And that is that just because you’re passionate and even good, does not guarantee a career. We all want this guarantee, or some pot of gold at the end of a road. Reality is that at the end of the road, might just be the intersection to end of another road. And knowing what path to choose can lead to success, failure, or more set back.

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