“Worry about yourself.”

career pursuit

There is no real road map to success. And if there were a lot more people would be where they want to be in life. Problem is, the road to success is paved by you and only you. People can give you advice, but it’s ultimately up to you in how you use that information. Yet along the path to success we can’t help ourselves sometimes. We have to look at others lives and compare ourselves to them based on where we are at in life. Because everyone else’s lives seem to be so much more than what we are doing. And a lot of times we base this on social media. Someone post a photo on vacation while we are struggling, we assume their lives are great.

you do you

As I said before about comparing yourself, you have to focus in on your life. Because you can’t based where you’re at on someone else. Because you don’t know how long they’ve been working to get to where they are in life. We only see the now, we don’t see all the time put in; only the person sees that. And what happens when you are so focused on them, you lose the sight of what you need to be doing. And once you lose your focus, then it becomes easier for you to waste time, and now years have gone by. And what you could have been, you’re not.

for show or for real

When we see other people live their lives, is it all its cracked up to be? We make assumptions and don’t know the real life struggle. Their are people in life I found out were terminal, and smiled through all their photos. So what does living the life really mean? So all you can do is focus on your career moves. Just seeing someone in a suit and tie doesn’t mean much. A lot of jobs I had in a suit and tie were not white collar gigs. But many jobs I had were usher type of positions. I was also on my way to an interview dressed nice. So know and understand when something is real or fake. But me on my way to an interview is not a facade. Now if I post a photo on Instagram in a suit and tie holding a bottle of Dom Perignon, that is fake. And people at times buy into the context of the photo.  So find your place in life and persevere.

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