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“Control your mind or someone else will.”


Those out there who have weak minds are constantly willing and able to be led astray. And notice I said willing and able because above all, you control your mind. But those who possess a weak mind don’t want to admit that they have an issue, or have convinced themselves that how they think is real. These are also the people who have some internalized secret, some form of hurt, that is coming out in some form. Could be a person who has a hard time dealing with loss, has turned to drugs to cope. Or the person who grew up without a father having turned to a pimp for guidance.


We all know they exist, and some of you might be a weak mind yourself. But how do you spot those who hold a weak mindset. Well, here is a truth behind the weak mind. Humans have evolved into creatures where we have the ability to make a perceived rational decision. Perception is important because you may be wrong from time to time, but you perceive this to be a good decision. From that, it becomes held belief, perspective. Yet, not all beliefs should be followed. But instead of questioning the belief, we delve deeper. And someone looking to capitalize will see this and give you the answers you want to hear. They know it’s wrong, but it’s to their benefit over you.


For anyone out there in the world, keeping your mind sharp is a tough feat. You have all sorts of feelings going through your body that you think are real. Some are and some aren’t, it’s all about process of eliminating what’s not important. But if you hold on to everything without challenging the belief, you’ll find yourself going down a rabbit when forced to rationalize your belief. Then that burden of proof will shine through, showing you the real. Weak minds will fight back against the real, and further take themselves down that rabbit hole. Furthermore opening themselves up to manipulation.

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