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“Boundaries are constantly being carved: which will be next?”

You ever hear people say how much you can only see the landscape of the planet from space. And that man carves up all the boundaries. Well, yes that is true, but what will be the next boundary carving on Earth? I am only 30 years old, and I would really like to see how the landscape looks by the time I turn 50 years old. Or better yet, what if I live to be 90 years of age. Since 1987 when I was born there are countries who have merged with other nations and countries that are no longer countries. For example, you have the North and South Sudan, which used to be just Sudan. But what will happen with places like North and South Korea? Will they eventually just become Korea? Or will this be a long lasting country? Why do boundaries change? How do they change? Where will be the next boundary change?

The first and foremost reason as to why boundaries change has to do with the amount of conflict in the region. In the United States, there has been conflicts that have forced boundaries to change, but that was well over a century to two centuries ago. But there are places globally that have changed its boundaries and continue to change its boundaries. Outside of just conflicts, you have the political reason as to why the boundaries tend to change. For example, the European Union, where countries have either broken away or in the process of breaking away. One of those countries was Great Britain, which recently pulled away from the EU; an event that was known as BREXIT. Boundaries also change because you might have a neighboring country that is poorer than the other. So joining forces with the other country could be beneficial to that nation. Especially if the poorer nation is a smaller country. The addition might actually serve as a boost to the economic and sociopolitical morale of the nation.

Next you have to deal with with how do they change. And that is more complex today than in the past. In the past you would just ride through the country on horseback, and just conquer everything. Now that we are living in a more modern and stabilized civilization, you can’t just stroll in and take over. Because unlike centuries ago, you’re not dealing with swords, but now you have guns and bombs. A move that could actually get quite messy. So now, there all these different meetings that must come into play. And when I say meetings, I don’t just mean within the country; but I also mean the meetings at a much higher level like the United Nations (UN). UN assemblies are to keep everyone in the loop of global changes. And if a whole new country is about to be erected or merged with another country, that is an agreement that must be dealt with by all global powers.

In the end, the main questions still remains. “What will be the next global boundary shift?” I have been hearing about China buying land in different parts of the world. Is this because they are investing in different places, or are they making room to expand their nation? Look at Puerto Rico; will they continue to stay a nation, or will the United States swallow them up entirely? There is so much that could take place. But with the change comes the resistance from so many people. And this resistance could be the start of yet another war whether on that nation’s soil or a global conflict. Whatever the case, people are already established in certain regions, which could prove a problem when trying to carve out new boundaries.

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