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“Is someone holding you back”

Are you being held down by someone that is your significant other? Do you feel like no matter how much you try to help them it seems to not do any good? Every attempt you try to make to aid them in their life backfires against you. You want them to be the best them they can possibly be, but it’s not enough. They are only bringing you down in the process and stopping your dreams from happening. This is the time you must let go of this ball and chain. Cut the person off because you can only true grow once you let them go. Well how do you know they are truly a ball and chain? They might actually need your help.

This is how you know a ball and chain. Let’s say someone you’re in a relationship with is at home. Meanwhile you’re out working while they sit in front of television set. You want them to have the passion to do so much, yet they don’t have the same fight as you. You keep staying with them because you think it’s the right thing to do. But you only cut your life short by keeping them around. This is where you have to let go and allow them to have their own lives. Staying in the situation only hinders you from growing. Well why, why do we work so hard to satisfy those who serve us no real purpose.

For two reasons, the obvious is that we want to help. We want to feel like we’re accomplishing something by being in the lives of people who need our help. We look at our own lives and say to ourselves, “Here by his grace is I.” We go it could easily be me. So I should be thankful. The other reason we intervene is because we like the people having to depend on us; the leaches. There are people in the world who know that they are being leached off of, but like the leaches. They like someone having to extend their hand and asks them for stuff.

In the end, allowing someone the opportunity to live off of you not only hurts you, but them as well. It does not make you better by staying with them. If anything you should be the first person to tell the person when something is wrong. See, we all want to  help people around us. But we don’t quite understand how to do so. So we allow them to hang around; hang around until we can’t take it anymore. And then and only then will we have enough and remove these people from our lives.

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