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“He might exist, but we could be wrong about him.”

The alpha and the omega, the creator of the heavens and the Earth; God. The age old questions, does he exist? Did God create us, or was he made up for humans to have purpose in life? But what about the alternative to both views. What if God exist, just not how people of faith see him. Meaning, what if science is wrong about his existence? But also, what if people of faith is wrong about his existence as well? Whoa, how could that be possible? Well, I have come up with a few scenarios as to why both sides could be wrong. One of the ways both could be wrong is his existence.

His basic existence could be something different on the scientific side and the religious side. Let’s first start with the scientific side that says there is no Blue Orange and Red Outer Space PhotoGod at all. Well, just as much as religion can’t prove his existence you can’t prove his nonexistence. Science can aim to disprove his existence as to how people interpret him. Meaning, humans were created by a deity is the religious faith base. But what if God is the all seeing, all knowing, who created the earth, and all creatures. But, he may not be the deity we see him as, but more so the force keeping all of existence of everything in order. And our scientific understanding of the universe, is in essence an understanding of God.

We could be slowly figuring out God, just from a scientific standpoint. Our human minds could have created the scientific theory for what he the creator have wanted us to find out. Our scientists just are picking up the bible, book, chaptercrumbs of what he left for us to figure out. It’s doesn’t remove science, but it also doesn’t remove religion as well. Which brings me to the religious aspect of who God is. And that is interesting in itself. What if God exist, people of religion would be ecstatic. But what if he is not the God we want to accept? What if he is more so one faith, than the other? Are we all ready to accept what the all-seeing God truly is as a deity? And what do I mean by accept who he is.

Let’s say you’re a Christian, and you die. You stand before the voice of the Gold and Black Crucifixhigher power. And then God says to you, “You have to past these series of test.” Makes sense because our religious beliefs always imply that God gives us obstacles. So, your first test is standing before God. Then your next test is
standing before Jesus Christ. But one more test you must face, and you’re ready for that test. Then out walks the Prophet Muhammad. Now, here in book, close-up, faiththis moment, you can’t accept that. Why would a challenge be to prove yourself to Muhammad. Now, your human belief says this must be wrong. But religion says God makes no mistakes. So what do you do? Because you can’t challenge God, it’s his house.

So, accept what he has placed before you or remove yourself from his kingdom above. Because he doesn’t need you, you need him. And what I could have just said would be the same for Muslims and Jews mixing the bible, church, handsdifferent deities. You might reject what I am implying in this moment. But what would you do standing before God. So even in our own belief of not challenging God, you’re ready to challenge him. Yet remember what I said, God makes no mistakes. So if you shall prove yourself to these other deities, then so be it.

And in the end, that’s what has so many people stuck in thought. We control so much on Earth, that we want to now control the afterlife. But you don’t control the afterlife. We all have beliefs and theories of what takes place after you die, and who you answer to when you die. Science says no one, this is it, and religion says God. But neither is ready to deal with both sides being wrong. (PERSONAL WEBSITE) (FAN PAGE)   

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“Too many contradictions to have both coexist.”

The conversation regarding church and the state has been a topic of debate for decades. Should we include the religious practices of the Christian faith into our schools, workplace, or even leisure activities? And I for one am against the involvement of religious practices into our daily lives on these levels. Not because I have an issue with Christianity, but mainly because the people aspect of what could come of it. People are fine with God entering all of our lives so long as it does not interfere with whatever it is that benefits their lives. This is a key reason why we have the separation of church and state. Well, let’s go a little further into what I mean by benefits their lives.

When sending your child to school, you want and expect them to receive an education that is based in academia. The obvious reason why religion in school wouldn’t work is because you don’t have children at your schools that all believe the Christian faith. But another thing that people don’t think about is the idea that we have many sects of the Christian faith. So let’s sayauditorium, benches, chairs we do put Christianity in schools. What sect of Christianity: Baptist, Lutheran, Catholic, Pentecostal, or Johovah Witness? Here is where even more fighting could possibly take place. Because the way in which each of the above sects serve God is different. So even with Christ in schools, not all Christians worship the same.

What about the use of Christianity in our laws? Here is the problem with laws in our society. It’s easy to say, “Thou shall not kill.” But what about laws such as, “Thou shall not commit adultery.” If you ask anyone do they cheat, they’ll say no. But if you make it a law, people will fight for their right to cheat. It will be fought under the guides of “everyone makes mistakes.” But White Concrete Structurescheating is not a mistake. You don’t mistakenly sleep with another person. You mistakenly spill a cup of coffee, but you know you are in a relationship. Cheating is thinking you’re getting away with something. Well because cheating is human nature. But if the bible speaks against this human nature, can you make it law? That’s why structuring laws around religion can be dangerous.

Another place where we separate the church and state decisions are in the workplace. Everything from how you dress, to both genders working side by side. Christianity has something designed around the workplace. And you really start to run into issues, even more than children going to school. Because you have adults policing other adults who live the same way. AndMan Wearing Red While Sitting Inside Concrete Bulding what do I mean by the same way. For example, I am a male boss telling a woman what to wear. But the tables are turned the moment another man tries to enforce his will onto our wives, sisters, and daughters. We are comfortable telling other women what to do, just no one telling those close to us the same.

And in the end, all of what I have explained is the reasons why church and state have to be separated. Because when I do something you feel go against the bible it’s a sin. When you are now doing something that goes against the bible, it becomes either nobody is perfect, or the God I worship doesn’t judge. You can’t say abortion is wrong, then conduct research and abortions are up in the communities pushing against abortion. You can’t say wait until you’re married for sex, and then we find out you have been married for five years, yet you have a seven year old child. It’s the hypocrisy of us as people as to why we have to, and will always keep church and state separate. 

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“Why we worship.”

Throughout American history, Black people have always turned to the church as a way of coping in this country. It has served as a sanctuary for us to congregate to praise God and also a meeting place for community issues. But with what has come of the church that is good, there is a darker side to Black people and religion. And that downside comes with subjugation from a time period when we were considered less than human. So why do so many of us believe in the Christian beliefs of America given our volatile history of the past? Well, it first starts with the way we were inundated with the belief.

When Black people were first brought to the New World, we were bought and sold at different ports throughout North and South America. And depending on what country you were sent to, you had a belief that effected you in a different way. As far as the United States, beliefs that Black people took on were either forced or we assimilated to. But just the believing is not enough to understand our relationship with it, but how it effects us. One way is how we have raised our children. And one of those methods of dealing with children is chastising your child/children. Whooping your child is commonplace and not necessarily because they did something really bad.

For example, I remember asking elders say that you couldn’t question adults. You couldn’t just ask an older person a question regarding adult things in life. But if you look at African cultures where young people are supposed to ask elders questions, why do we here have such adverse reaction to our children. During slavery that link between old and young was cut. So the elders in America whooping children is what was done here in this country as a means of surviving under duress. But is that a good thing to whoop a kid for something so simplistic. No it isn’t, but the whooping was to put fear of the “idea” of what White people “could do” to our children.

This is scary because it aims at understanding the fear, guilt, and shame. That same fear, guilt, and shame is correlated with the bible. So it was a perfect combination to keep Black people mentally impotent. So with what has been said, do we continue to believe? Or, do we ditch the faith base all together and start fresh. Because we are no longer slaves and why not. Well, one reason to continue to this is all we know. and the other is the loyalty to the people who came before us. Those past people used Christianity, even if forced on us, in our own way to create joyful music, raise children, and get us through troubling times. In the end, the choice will be up to the person believing in the faith base. But as Black people, we cannot hide the fact religion has had a strong impact on the Black community. 

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“Are you really ready for the end?”

For the longest, people have tried to find methods of coping with the idea that we as people will eventually meet our demise. No one, no matter how long you live, is ready for the time when they will die. We all love existing and hate even thinking about a world where we don’t exist. So for thousands of years we have sought to try to understand something. Anything that will point us in a direction leading to our end. Religion has its viewpoint and science has its viewpoint. But even with both views, all of us walk away with the same feeling. We either fear dying and/for we don’t want to die.

Well why, why do we fear the end of our lives. None of the past frightens us, yet we are totally afraid of all the future. Me my self, I was not afraid of the year 1920 so why am I afraid of the year 2120. I won’t be around which creeps me out. But what will happen once we leave this Earth. Is there a collection of energy that goes somewhere, or do we past and that is it? Do we ascend to heaven as the bible speaks about, or do we disintegrate to nothingness? The idea of this being the end for so many people is scary. But how do we cope with the idea of an ending. Let’s look at a few ways people cope with themselves passing away.

The bible is written about us ending and going to heaven. Once we die in this world, we pass along into another. The Christian text calls it the land of milk and honey. In the Lord’s house there are many mansions. This sounds great if you’re a person of the Christian faith. Furthermore, if you belong to any other group, they have their own beliefs regarding the end of life. Yet there are the skeptics. These are the people who come into the loop and present to the world their alternative facts. To them they have a more scientific means of explaining the end of ones’ life.

The science community aims at looking at humans as a carbon based life form that will come to an end as well. Unlike the religious community, science theorizes that nothing supernatural happens as the body dies. Carbon is released from our bodies like any other dead organism back into the atmosphere just as with plants and animals. This is of benefit to us and any other plant and animal life on Earth. So, to them, this is it, so make the best of it. Because when the lights go out, they’re out for good. Anything other than that is seen as nonsense and should be viewed as such.

In the end, what will it take to get people to cope? Will there ever come a time when people can cope with their end? Or will we forever be locked in our emotions about what happens after we die on this Earth? There is one thing that people everywhere can agree upon. Is that this body we call ours will not be here forever. And I don’t mean just me in the moment. I mean the Earth as we know it has an expiration date. Eventually the universe will reach maximum growth before it ends itself. And that’s life, everything has a beginning and an end. How all of ours will turn out is unknown. So for now, we live. Go to sleep and wake up, until the day comes where those eyes won’t open again.


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“Rapidly disappearing and I think I know why.”

With every passing year, the number of people who are listed as non-religious continuously increases. What is this due to in our society? Will the trend continue or slow down? See, for thousands of years, man has tried to understand where we came from as a species. We aim to understand why we think the way we think and behave in a certain manner also. Is it mental or is it real? Are we really a deity creation or just an organism that eventually passes and that is it. There are a number of factors that play a role in this phenomenon as it pertains to losing religion, but I can think of a few right off the back. The reasons I came up with were scientific studies, control, and wars fought.

For starters, let’s observe science. Throughout history man has tried to gain insight into the world by means of scientific proof. Being that religion is unchanging in an ever changing world, it puts itself in a tough position. Science is such a threat because scientific findings obliterate the belief. Well, how so? Humanity is living longer and longer. A lot of this is due to the advancements in technology and modern medicine. So the burden of proof forces you to look at the logic of your beliefs with such quantum advancements. It is so strong, it’s almost like the belief thousands of years ago that the Earth was flat. Scientist understood that it was round, which went against beliefs in the past. But now we accept the Earth as round. So scientific proofs hurt beliefs because there is such strong evidence. Science can afford to be wrong, religion cannot.

Another reason for the dip in religious following is because of the control. As an American citizen, we have heard that Christian beliefs are under attack. But are they really? Are people really attacking the belief, or the belief enforced on others who choose to live differently? For example women’s roles in society and Gay marriage. You may not agree, but only one group is making a move to stand in from of it. And it’s that control that people have become divided on. What’s even crazier is that the people who fight for their belief have at times been caught up in controversy themselves. Whether it’s Catholicism and sexual assault convictions or politicians who have been found out to be Gay, pushing against Gay initiatives.

Then again, there are the other reasons why religion has diminished. And that has to do with wars. Wars, mostly in today’s society, are fought throughout the Middle East stem from something having to do with religion. Even in America, there are wars, more so involving verbal disputes, but wars nonetheless, over religion. So much so, that collectively, the populace have gotten rather fed up with the idea that yet another war could be fought. Why, because it is our youth who could lose their lives. Continuous death, until a collective of people finally stand in front of the fighting. So what now? Do we fight against thousands of years of ritualistic practices or accept it as truth? Is man ready to look at life as this is it? Or, is there more to the notion of us being created by a deity? Whatever the case, the numbers are dropping for those who believe. So a real debate is in need for a “collective” reason as to why.


Have you ever seen or met him? Have you ever seen his face? You know, him up there. He who sits up high and looks down low. The one who is always watching us, protecting over us. The one who makes sure we’re safe and secure in our humble abodes. The one who sheds blood for us. He who died for us, so that we could see another day. If not for him shedding this blood where would I be today? All of this is the reason why I make sure to thank him for all he has done for me. When no one believed in me you were there to believe in me. When no one cared for me, it was you who stood by me. And for this Jesus I love you.

From the moment he came into my life, there was never a dull moment in my life. He was first born to a virgin mother, who was unable to secure a birthing space. She gave birth to him in a cave; and in this cave is where he received his name. Little did I know through all the troubles in his life, he would eventually make his way to me. From that humble birth, to eating at the table with his faithful followers. From being looked at with reverence by anyone who crossed his path, to shedding blood before he died.

He lived, and because he lived I can appreciate all that I have been given in life. I can make it through today and tomorrow because of him. I can see him, wrapped in that cloth, being carried to his resting place. Thinking to myself wow, I can feel his presence. I can feel his spirit ascend into the air. Can you feel it? Do you know what it’s like to feel the spirit of Jesus? I close my eyes, and I can see his face. See his hands, with those two nail incisions through his wrist from which he was impaled. His disheveled hair, a sign of the stress he underwent before his death. The drained look in his face, a sign of his anguish.

Then I open my eyes, and tears begin to form. I think to myself, what pain he went through. The pain, what pain, such harsh and cruel pain. I could have never done it. He was so strong, so much stronger than myself. The way he was here one day, and gone tomorrow. It is so much I want to share with you, but yet there is no verbal feedback. I guess I’m not trying hard enough because I should be able to hear him. Wait a minute, listen closely, I hear him now. His voice is so soft, but yet still powerful. His presence is humble, yet regale in nature as well. Yes regale, that’s a good word to describe him, regale. It makes a lot of sense because he was the king.

That’s confusing because a king usually has a queen. What is a king without a queen? I never knew Jesus to have a queen. He should have had a queen; why such a great king with no queen. A queen should be your better half, but Jesus did have a better side. But I feel Jesus’s presence, how come I don’t feel his better half? Is it because his better half must be something higher than my abilities. Something that only comes with maturity and time? Something that is so high that it may never be attained? Or is Jesus’s better half in front of my face and I am just not looking hard enough?

I want to go back to the time aspect of his better half. Time scares a lot of people. But Jesus has all the time in the world. No amount of time can inhibit his potential. He is the only one who knows the time and the date of the end. No man has a better understanding of time than he. No man has as much time in this world than he. How can I attain that knowledge of time? Is it at all possible to reach such a plateau in life? My best guess is no; no one can achieve such heights. Because if such a human were able to reach this height, this understanding of time; he would replace Jesus. And that is not something I am willing to accept. Maybe as time go on, I will be more open to accepting this; or maybe not.

Excuse me for rambling on, but I want you to know. I want you all to know because he touched so many people. You all need to know how he fought. You all need to know how died. What good is it for one to live on earth and never come know him? Don’t get me wrong, there were plenty before him and many will come after; but none will touch me as much as he. None will wake me up in the morning with such a joyous feeling that can only be compared to the birth of a child. Many may guarantee me monetary wealth, but only he gave me the internal wealth I need which will make me feel true wealth. Wealth greater than the richest CEO, wealth greater than any lottery win, greater than any trust fund left by a well to do family member.

The wealth that Jesus has brought me can only be described as something everlasting. Something that can’t be stripped away from me. It is because of this immense wealth I love him so much. Love; love is a word that I have not yet used. It almost seems redundant to speak of love because so far, everything I have spoken of described love. But let me tell you in detail my love for Jesus. It’s the feeling you get, not like falling in love, but the feeling of pure satisfaction, but not infatuation. It’s the feeling of gratitude, respect, devotion, and esteem. There are days I cry because his love is so strong. But, these are not tears of hurt or pain, they are tears of joy.

You’re probably wondering why Jesus has played such an important part in my life. Well because he wasn’t just there for me, he save me. He saved me because it could have been me. It could have been me who landed on those nails; it could have been my blood, yet is wasn’t. It was the blood of Jesus that was impaled with those nails. Jesus, I feel so helpless for not being able to help you. I wanted to help you, but there was nothing I could do. So as I look up toward Jesus, I say to him will you forgive me. Will you forgive me, and not judge my coward behavior?
I can only hope that he will find it in his heart to do so. So I look up high on my shelf at this urn. The urn which holds the remains of the one whose blood was shed on that nailbed to keep me from shedding blood. I say to you Jesus, my beautiful, my brave, my loyal, and my honorable tabby cat; thank you. Thank you Jesus, I would have rather it have been my foot than your life. But you stepped in front, you gave your life so they I could go on. In time, I’ll learn to move on, but never forget. And as I make my journey through life, hopefully we’ll see each other again Jesus. You were more than a tabby cat, you were a friend, family, and the one I love. And for this I am deeply greatful. May you rest in peace, until we meet again.