Bullying: Sorry Kids It Doesn’t Stop At Childhood

The topic of school bullying has been a subject of debate over the recent years. But it’s not your conventional that has taken hold in society. Cyber bullying is now added to the list of bullying categories. That’s right, now children are resorting to attacks via social media as a way to further ostracize and embarrass their fellow schoolmates. For the longest bullying has been a bigger stronger kid takes your lunch money and/or chases you home from school. Now kids are creating Facebook groups and posting Instagram photos of their schoolmate in compromising positions. Because it’s not enough for kids at school to see, now the world has to know.

You would think I would write about the negative impact this has on a child’s life. But I have chosen to write about the fact that it doesn’t stop after you leave school. The bullying doesn’t stop there, it continues into adulthood. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not bullying like loosing your lunch money or getting beat up, but people screw with you on more of a business level. Let’s take a look at celebrities for a moment.

A woman like Hollywood actress Leslie Jones faced such harsh criticism for her role in the new Ghostbusters film. What’s crazy is that people ganged up on her, but they would never attack a major boss at a studio. People attack those they feel they can touch.  We go after the athlete of entertainer because it’s an easy attack. We know we’re powerless to effect change at a much higher level. So in this regard it becomes easy to attack the face, rather than the boss. It’s easy to tell the public figure apologize, but not the guy higher up. That’s because it’s a bully mentality; only bullies go after people they feel they can touch, never anyone bigger.

Then that means bullying exist in other realms of society, like the workplace. The workplace has a high school sort of feel where everyone has their nuclear group. These individuals clique together, and disassociate from those not in their inner circle. They’ll at times get together in their group and gossip about those not in the group. Yet they utter words they’ll never say to the person’s face. But for some reason people feel since it’s impersonal and indirect it’s ok. But since we’re on the topic of work, why not upper levels of the workplace. That’s right, in the workplace, sometimes it’s not your coworkers, but rather the boss who screws with you on a more business level. For example, I was once asked on a job what process was I comfortable using. I wasn’t choosing a comfortable process, but one that was told to me. But confronting the matter could have gotten me written up. So you have to deal with the fact that your employer tries to make you feel incompetent.

Well let’s go a little bit deeper, how about relationships. Is their bullying in a relationship; of course there is? In relationships, your job is not to tell someone what they better do or don’t do, rather what you don’t go for in the situation. But for some reason men and women are dealing with someone controlling them; what they wear, what they eat, and when they leave the house. Yet since it comes from a loved one, we don’t perceive it to be controlling. When in actuality, they would never go attack someone seen as stronger.

So as you can see, bullying is not only in school, but other facets of life as well. We try to dismiss these occurrences, but they effect you more than school because it lasts longer. School is a small part of your life, but work, relationships; these are much greater in life. So I am not saying allow school bullying, all I’m saying is teach kids that these people will come bac full circle. And once you become an adult your life will encompass dealing with them. Maybe not fighting and having valuables taken from you, but more personal and business matters.


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