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“Cut yourself some slack.”

avid lifter

If you are out there and just so happen to stumble upon this article and you are one of those in need of the perfect body people, slow down. It’s ok if you want to go out and weight lift or run to lose weight. But realize something, not everyone is meant to be skinny. Some people are born big, and are genetically inclined to having more weight. So if you think you’re going to look like one of these Victoria Secret models, or some guy who is husky thinking he’ll be some washed board beauty, hang it up. The reality is, you are not going to be one of those people.


I have gone on the internet, and looked at photos of guys that I would like to mirror. Now, luckily for me, I have the ability over time to have the body that I see in magazines. Because even in my slim body you can see my clear muscular definition. But for most guys, they just will not have the ability to be here. That doesn’t mean that life is over and all is lost. Because contrary to what we might think as guys, women don’t all have the same stereotypical view of the man of their dreams. Women like variations in their men. Some men like a husky guy and some men want a woman with a little extra. Magazines and the internet creates this false idea of what beauty really is.

goal vs. standard

Having a distinct goal versus a standard must be addressed. It is fine to have a goal because that is something to shoot for in life. But when something becomes the standard it must be observed through a proper lens. Because something that becomes a standard can leave you depressed if you are not looking at it in a rational manner. Meaning you want to date a man 6’3 or above, 90% of men are shorter than 5’10. So if your standard is above this you’re most likely going to live out life alone. If your goal is something quite unattainable, even if you never get it, you can still be happy.

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“Technique is a strong aspect.”

keeping yourself strong

For the past year I have been lifting weights, trying to gain and get lean. And for most people, they have their New Years resolution. But they never stick to their goal. For me, it’s not hard to find a program that works for me and work with it. And for the others how do you stay motivated and continue to push. And that is all about discipline, which I can’t show you how to have in life. You have to be able to get out of bed and make yourself do the work. But while you’re putting in the work remember to understand how to work your muscles and what’s your limits.

know what you can handle

I know how much I can lift in my bench pressing efforts. And that means starting at a certain weight and then week by week, going up from there. For example, I have a 45 pound barbell and two 45 pound plates on each side. Then you add 10 pounds each week to both sides. Once you hit a wall, and you will hit a weight you can’t lift, then switch it up. Try instead of going for 10 reps at three sets, try 5 sets at 7 reps. By changing your sets and reps you can now keep yourself from getting to set into one workout too long. You can also injure yourself in the process.

the everyday struggle

When trying to exercise, it will feel like a drag when trying to get yourself motivated. I have been through this, where there are days I won’t even try. And then I remember where I want to see myself, and that’s when I get back at it. Here is where you will shine in your training because once you start to do the things you don’t like, then you will succeed.

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“Whip yourself into shape.”

get in the game

I try to make it a habit to wake up, place the medicine ball between my legs and leg lift into crunches in the morning and lifting weights. Now that I am in my 30’s, the idea of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is more important than ever. And the reason being is because Black men’s health is so low in comparison to everyone else. And then on top of that, people don’t workout as much in general. So then, by the time you turn 40 years of age, you start to experience health effects that should have been dealt with in your late 20’s, early 30’s. But instead, people say things like,  “Oh you’re young.” And that is the best time to start caring about your health.

not in the mood

My motivation to exercise is like a lot of people. Only difference is I can immediately throw myself into the game. If I need to make a lifestyle change, it doesn’t take much to get me up off the couch. But for the people who have such a hard time doing so, I would have to say, just do it once a week. Then after that you want to  move on to maybe twice a week, then forward. Because I grew up an athlete, so putting myself on a schedule that works for me is easy. Yet, for those that are not as athletically inclined, trying to stay motivated to keep moving is tough. So make sure you’re going at it at a comfortable enough pace.

quality of life

When you exercise and are in shape, the way you internally shifts. The clothes you wear will fit a certain way they have never fit before. The compliments become something that also makes you feel good, especially if you are a man. We love to be told how good we look since gaining muscle or losing a lot of weight. So get in the game, trust me, it feels to fit into your clothes and wake up healthy and fit.

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