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“When will it happen again?”

the fall to come

I told someone I work with, that the next major collapse could be coming soon. You know what, let me not exaggerate, I said that I feel something is coming in 2020 that is economically stressful. So I have been making the appropriate adjustments to try to make myself ready for the hit. Now, I am not someone who follows the market ritually, but you know how you get that feeling? It’s something you can’t describe, but you know something is about to happen. Now, that could be just paranoia, but for me, I would rather earn a little more money and make myself ready than to not be ready and get hit. But where is this feeling coming from because some people feel hopeful?

my workplace in disarray

I have been noticing changes in my workplace lately, but I have not said much to people. Just that I have this feeling about something to come. And that is because I have seen some things that have made me question if I will have a place of employment by the end of next year. So maybe the economy is going to be fine, maybe it’s me who needs to worry a little bit more. From the hours of working to the customer base coming into the store, I have been seeing a downturn. And my aim is at when it hits I can easily matriculate out into something else and earn a living. So what is really going on in the country that I feel this way?

the leadership in limbo

With President Trump facing impeachment charges, this could leave the country in an economic mess. Now, do I think he will be impeached, no, but then again, I never thought he would win either. But look at the country, we are doing better than years prior and the job market is up right now. So what could be the problem to come in 2020? And that is that if he is forced to step down from his post, it could mean that the economy is going to take a hit because now for the time being the leadership of a nation is impacted. Only if I could tell the future I would be able to feel a little more at ease. But for the time being I’ll still keep myself a little cautious. I would rather be too sure than not sure at all.

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“Step your game up!”

dough is important

We all want to make a good income, or what we define as a good income. But what happens when you are in a relationship where you feel pressure to make a certain amount of money, or be at risk of losing that relationship? This tends to happen more with men than with women. And when you are approached with this ultimatum, then you are begin scrambling for ways to make more money. But a career is not you scrambling to make money in a quick way so you don’t lose the person you are dating. A career is something you have to be willing to put a lot of time and energy into which can take years. And it’s not something that you gain by saying, “Ok, now I’m in this relationship, I need to be better.” You have to put in time, and have someone these that understands what you do or seek to accomplish.

who makes the most

The following pie graph are of the top jobs that men have worked in the year 2018 that researched by CNBC. And this is why so many, especially young men seek these types of jobs. They are the gigs that pay the most money so they can be looked at as an attractive

candidate for a monogamous relationship. Now, just because these are the the highest paid jobs, don’t mean that every guy who is employed under this title earns this amount. Usually, these top incomes are reserved for those that have the most years of experience and/or the best in their fields. So if you want to earn the money they do at the top, develop a skill that allows you the ability to be in this select few group.


forgoing your life

If you are constantly working, you are going yo to be missing a lot of quality time with your significant other. So that will also start to be a problem as well. Because if money is a motivator to be with someone, then you can’t be around them the majority of the time. But then your relationship falls apart because you aren’t there most of the time. Here is where you actually lose productivity on the job that could help you earn more money. Mentally you are out of it, and now that wears on you in your career.

move on dude

Money does not work in the context of you make it because someone else want s you to make it. It happens when it happens. And rushing the process could actually prolong your journey through your career. So your best bet is to keep on going. Let that person be someone else’s problem. You don’t want to sacrifice your mental state in your career growth.

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Woman Sitting in Front of Scattered Coins and Orange Piggy Bank

“When you’re on your last leg.”

at wits end

Growing up for me, we were a poor household. But have you ever felt like throwing your hands up because you don’t have enough money. Or the fact that your finances are out of wack. You are ready to give up and give in, but something is keeping you from doing so. And why give up, why let life win. Because who ever said it would be easy was lying to you. I have looked at my bank account an wondered to myself, how the hell do I make it everyday. But I always seem to pull myself through pay my bills on time.

give up and go deeper

The more you hurt the more you sink into a dark place, the harder it is to get out of that place. So it sounds easy, but it’s beyond difficult. How do yo remove yourself from this funk. I wish I had the model for getting out of a dark place. Now notice I said dark place, which is associated with the mental. A lot of people are not deep as they think, but the mind starts working on you and next thing you know you are financially done. So watch how that mind can play tricks on you.

there’s always someone worse

We hate looking at another person’s life and thinking to ourselves, “At least I am not going through that in life.” It sucks to sometimes look at someone else to feel good about myself. I want to just feel a certain way and know that my feelings are special . Only problem is that they are not special. And it’s great to feel what others feel. I would never want to be the only person on Earth with money problems.

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Woman Holding Shopping Bag

“Mind your money.”

started at the bottom

So many people who grow up in poor environments have these dreams of making it in life. A goal that is very broad and ambiguous when you hear the word making it. But there is another side to making it in life. And that side that how do we make money, do all that work to get it, then blow it to the wind. And it’s simple, we think the money will keep coming. We don’t think about tomorrow because tomorrow is not on the minds of people. We make so much money and over time forget about the days of being broke. And that’s when you make the vital mistake. Once you forget, you find yourself back in the place once again.

think first, spend last

There is a saying, “Hey, if you got it, flaunt it.” And that sounds good, but the life that you might be living could all fall apart because it’s not a sustainable existence. You have to think about tomorrow, but that’s hard when you don’t have to think about tomorrow. So many people ask how do you let your spending get out of control. But they have to always watch their finances Image result for broke athletes espnreally closely. They live on the edge of losing everything, so they don’t understand getting and then spending beyond what you have to spend. But guess what, the people spending were the people at one point in time who said they don’t understand why so many people with money go broke.

your mind must be cleaned

If you want to keep the money you earned you can no longer think poor. You have to always keep cleaning out the bad stuff that you once thought was a good idea before you started making money. Because your thoughts at a certain level might be rational to you and everyone around you at that current level, but they keep you in that same position. And you don’t realize your mind needs cleaning until you move to a different level. And then everyone below that point you see their mistakes. And that’s when you think to yourself, “Oh, ok, this is the problem.” Sad thing is, so many won’t understand or listen to you. And they will never leave their position. And if you don’t watch your spending you will be back in the position you worked so hard to leave.

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Black Handled Key on Key Hole

“When to shut down.”

closing time

You look around your business and then you find that you are not receiving as much traction as you once did, or the fact that your business has not taken off yet. Now you must ask yourself the question of whether I should close shop. And this is something that a lot of business people find themselves asking on a daily basis. So what are the steps one must take when they realize that the doors must go closed? Well for starters, you need to purchase yourself a lot of cleanex because you will spend a lot of time crying trying to piece together the travesty that has taken place.

accept it

Once you realize that you are facing closures, just deal with it. There is nothing worse than seeing someone that knows they need to close shop holding on. Realize that it is over and close the doors. Because the people who hold on longer than they should waste time and wind up losing more money than they need to. It’s hard for them to look at reality and say to themselves, this is it. But you have to do it before you become even more depressed and destitute.


With every stroke of the pen, you are realizing that your baby is going down the drain. And the paperwork you have to fill out makes your heart sink a little each time you sign. It seems as if the paperwork to close the doors took longer than the paperwork needed to open the doors. So finish this an move on to the next steps.

money woes

Here is why you should be quick in trying to get the doors closed. Because the longer you keep that business open, the more money is wasted in the time period. So work on getting that in order. Also, if there is any equity left in the property, that can be used to pay any debts that you may have accrued. Just because the doors are closed don’t mean the bills stop coming. You have to still pay off any outstanding loans that you signed as well.

hand in the keys, on with life

Once the keys have been turned in to the business, on to the next thing or venture. You cannot for any reason stop. Easy to say, but if you stop, then your issues will start to really surmount. So throw in the towel, but realize that so many successful people failed their first attempt. You have to keep going and never give in to the losses.

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“Once you know better, you do better.”

I come from a socioeconomic environment known as the working poor. And I have been in his space for my entire life. But in the recent years, I have been working to remove myself form this space of poverty. And what does that mean, it simply means changing your perception in how you see the world around you. Once that perception changes about the world, new opportunities open up to you. Now in the beginning, it may seem like you’re not making any strides. But rest assured, if you’re putting in the time and energy necessary for the climb, then you are in position to do better in life. You are in position to do better financially, physically, and spiritually. Yet, what is it about people that never leave their position and why must you change the way you see the world? People not leaving their position has to do with a state of mind, but why you must change your perception has to do with understanding the repercussions of your actions.

What do I mean by the consequences of my actions? Well, once you cross over into the new socioeconomic environment, you have no choice but to shift your perception. And there is a reason, it’s because you had to shift your perception before getting to this new point. So if you grew up poor, you had no choice but to change to become Middle Class and stay in the middle. Now, here is the bit of hole in the logic I just stated. You have to shift your mind to make more money, not really. Because you have lottery winners, athletes, and entertainers. Now the lotto winner won by luck, but there had to be some form of shift to be great athletes and entertainers, but the monetary build really falls by the waist side. So when they make a lot of money, they go broke quicker than it took to get the money. Because they fail to put themselves in the know to shift their perception on money.

Now once you go from Middle Class to Upper Class, you have to really structure your mind. The way I see it, it’s like crossing a bridge. The poor person says, “I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.” The person in the middle says, “I’ll plan for that bridge, even if it’s there, I still plan in case it’s not present.” And lastly, the man or woman that is rich are the ones building the bridges everyone beneath them are going to have to cross. So when you are making wealth for yourself, taking business advice from someone who is poor may not be the best decision to make in life. Because if were as simple as they think it is to make money, they wouldn’t be poor. They might say it’s because they don’t have money, and that statement explains why they’re poor. You don’t need money if you have great ideas that have value. You’ll get the money if you have something that can make money. Why, someone will invest in you.

And in the end, we have to shift our perceptions anyways with regards to the world around us. People who don’t, possess a lack of growth in their lives. That lack of growth will quickly turn into self-loathing and depression. Next, they’ll start to reject the people around them who have went off into life and planned. Remove yourself from these people because they mean you no good. (PERSONAL WEBSITE) (FAN PAGE)   

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Image result for PRYOR

“Money to burn.”

The above photo is of the late famed comedian Richard Pryor. Pryor was in a movie in 1985 called Brewster’s Millions. The movie was about a man who in order to inherit his late uncle’s fortune of $300 million, he had to spend $30 million in 30 days. There was a catch, and that was that he couldn’t own any assets nor could he tell people why we was spending so much money. Otherwise he would forfeit the entire fortune of $300 million once the month was over. I was thinking, what if that movie was remade today? But instead of Brewster’s Millions, it was a $1 billion fortune. What if he had to spend $100 million in 30 days to get the fortune of $1 billion? So my question is, what would you spend $100 million on in 30 days?

For starters, I would rent out the entire Madison Square Garden for one some morning hoops every day for 30 days. This fee would run about $200,000 for the rental of one day. But like I said, that would be just some morning hoops. So about two to three hours of shoot around. Now I am down to $94 million from my previous amount of $100 million. I would rent a Bugatti for the next 30 days for the month, which is approximately $25,000 per day for the next 30 days. So, my new amount would be $93.25 million. Now, I have to move myself into a nice place to live for the next 30 days. So I would rent the The Mark Hotel Suite in NYC at a whopping $75,000 per night for the next 30 days; $2.25 million. Now my new amount would be $91 million.

Just like that I have already spent $9 million and I have yet to end the morning of my day. So where to next, hey, why not pay for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for any who want some for free. There are 328 buildings owned by the housing authority in NYC. In all, about 400,000 people live in the buildings. So, how about I throw a breakfast, lunch, and dinner party for a chosen few projects in all five boroughs. I would throw a brunch party for all five projects in each of the five boroughs for the next 30 days, which cost approximately $20 per person. This would bring my total spending for the month at $18,292,683. Now my new balance would be at $72,707,317. Remember I said dinner as well, so why not choose five separate projects in each borough, and plan gourmet style at $40 per person.

Now that would cost a whopping $36,585,366, bringing my new balance to $36,121,951. Now, with me spending all this money, I am going to need some security in case I get robbed. So let’s say I hire NYPD’s finest for the next 30 days. Well, an NYPD officer gets paid $44,744 per year. Assuming a 40 hour work week, that’s approximately $22 per hour. I’ll hire 20 officers for the next 30 days to follow me everywhere at a rate of $25 per hour. That would be $86,600, and when I am at home, an additional 20. That bring s the total of protection for 30 days to $173,200. Oh, for the transportation 10 Bugatti cars rented for the 40 police officers for the 30 days bringing the cost to hire and rent the cars $15,173,200 ($25,000 per day for a Bugatti) for the month. The new balance would be $20,948,751.

So what to do with my just over $20 million. Now I can’t give it away because that’s one of Brewster’s rules, so what is another way. And you know what, I found another way. I would have a movie night at theaters across New York. There are approximately 300 cinemas and 175,000 seats. I would, with my last money, host a movie night every night for a month. So, the breakdown is as follows: $14 average ticket, for 49,856 seats for 30 days. That total comes to $20,939,520. My balance is now down to $9,231. Remember all those cars, I’m going to need parking for the month. And just like that, I could spend $100 million in NYC for a month.

In the end,I would get my $1 billion. In New York City, there are so many ways to spend a lot of money. I would most definitely be able to spend that type of money. You see, I would know how to spend that money because I know the New York landscape. And guess what, I wouldn’t even have to leave the state. If I left New York City, I could spend a lot more. Imagine if I would have included private planes and more expensive hotel visits. Now my question to you is, “How would you spend your $100 million to get your $1 billion?” 

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