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“What did the government really do?”

them and their creations

Every president that comes into the White House we hear the same speech about job creation. But what I really want to know is, what types of jobs for how many hours and at what pay. We hear job creation and automatically jump for joy. But just listen to how fast that disregard the question when you ask. They really are not people who create anything in America. Anytime you depend on the government to create a job it is usually in the context of providing you with the absolute basic need for what they can afford. So the thing they give you is less than adequate most of the time. So I am always a skeptic when they create something.

its the sector not them

The businesses themselves create the jobs in America, but they always have to await the government’s decisions. Because if the government makes a decision not in the best interest of the business the business can not create anything. So now the people become stuck in this tug-a-war game between the system and the business. what will be the government decision so that the organization can sit down and decide what will come of the company. And if you are an employee or someone looking for a job you could be scared each and every time a new leader takes office in the White House. Because your life is now effected, not really from the company, but their business hinges on the government decision making.

once they step back

When the government steps back then the business is able to operate a little better. Because then the globe is able to engage. But the problem with that is that there are certain places the government does not want business to operate. Only if the operation is in the best interest as what they describe as in the country’s interest. But what does that really mean because isn’t it that if the country is working the country is working? Or would it be better for the government should regulate to the point where now its own people are getting hurt. Because this is what is happening. So I guess good is good if it’s good for me is not always good.

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Numbers on Monitor

“Where is the market going?”

econ 101

For the next two months you are going to see me writing about the economics of the country. We are coming up on the busiest shopping time of the year. And this is where America makes so much of its money. But we are also looking over the entire year to see how the country has done thus far. It gives us time to reflect and also forecast for the upcoming year of 2020. So hopefully we are able to come to an understanding of the year to come after these next two months. So sit back and enjoy. Read, like, follow, and share with the world.

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close -up, court, courthouse

“What used to be illegal is now legal.”


What at one point in time used to be illegal is now becoming legal. One of those things is the legalization of Marijuana in small quantities. What before could have gotten you sent to federal prison has become a lot more lax. And to add to it, there is now a market to capitalize off of the sale of Marijuana to dispensaries.

new legalities

Are there any new industries that may emerge which will open up for mass consumption which used to be illegal? And know what in particular which is still the oldest profession; prostitution. But the idea of this becoming legal in America is such a far stretch, that it’s not even worth the conversation. Now, in other countries there is a legalization, but not America. So, there goes that idea of a new industry.

why the wait

There are multiple reasons as to why the government has waited for some period of time to legalize what has been illegal. One of the reasons is that not enough time goes by where a generation sees the illegal product or service as negative. In the past years, if you had the legalizing Marijuana debate, both sides took issue.

Another reason for the wait, is what do you doo with all the people sitting in prisons for the crime. There are countless Marijuana offenders who are doing hard time in prison. Do we let them go? Because then again, the majority of them are non-violent federal offenders.


Remember prohibition; the illegal sale and use of alcohol. It seems a world away from the past where drinking beer was a fine. Now, we have beer commercials during sporting events. Enough time has went by to make it ok for use and sale. But also because the amount of revenues collected by companies as well as government for the sale of alcoholic beverages. The same will be for a narcotic like Marijuana. A multi-billion dollar industry that in the next 25 – 30 years will be a blip on the radar of conversation.

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Gold and Silver Bitcoins

“Move aside U.S. currency.”

the dollar

The dollar is more than just a piece of paper that we use to spend in stores. The dollar is what is keeping this whole engine going. It’s the bank note that is backed by confidence along with our strong gold reserves. But what will happen as the cryptocurrency rage comes into play? Will we see a competitive currency or currencies for the American dollar? Because the well known Bitcoin has gained din popularity along with other cryptocurrencies.


The chart below is of the United States dollar compared to the top cryptocurrencies. You can find the cryptocurrency website “HERE.”

don’t panic

Now for all of you that are worried about the cryptocurrency taking over, just look at the graph I made above. This is the market capitalization compared to the American dollar. Don’t be mislead by the hype on television1 Us Bank Note and in newspapers. The cryptocurrency is not the least bit of competition for the dollar. Even though the digital currencies are worth more, the scary aspect of the digital is that it’s not backed by anything. And that if you lose your money, the government has no real reason to aid you in retrieval. So in all, it’s a major gamble.

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Image result for urban neighborhoodS

“A dream deferred.”

the ghetto

America’s inner cities have long been known for crime and poverty. But they were not always like that in this country. At one point in time the neighborhoods were communities where even gangs weren’t the vigilant criminal element they are now. But what about the lost talent that exist in these environments? What about all the young people who had so much to give, but turned to an ugly way of life to survive? People who could have been CEO’s of multinational organizations turned to drugs and became kingpins.

untapped talent

The inner cities are famous for turning out countless athletes and entertainers. But what about the wave of engineers and business executives throughout the communities. Because when you look at a young man who turned to crime and managed to operate a $10 million to $100 million plus crime syndicate, imagine if that mind was cultivated for good. What could that same young become if he grew up in an environment like a Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg. Investing in the great mind of the youth could spur out an entirely new industry, or further grow an existing one.

who is capable of what

How do you know who is capable of what in life? And answer to that question is, you don’t know. It’s very hard to understand who has the skills to do what until they step into the real world. But the problem with so many young men and women in poor communities is that they get in  trouble before you can tap the talent. And the talent you see in the crime can’t be parlayed into something because they’re facing big jail time. So what you have to do is create better programs in these environments that will cultivate these great minds. Because the time they spend in jail could actually mean time spent building something great in America.

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Image result for housing projects nyc

“Should they stay or should they go?”

the PJ’s

During the 1960’s, the housing act was enacted, and the mass development of public housing projects were built throughout the country. Countless families were placed into these developments where they would spend the next decades trying to break out. and not trying to break out because of the projects themselves. But more so from the crime that plagued them as time progressed.

racial breakdown

When observing the landscape of the housing authority across the country, you can’t help but to notice they are largely African American and poor. And the reasons behind why the demographics are such is subject to debate. But you also see a blend of Latino families, very few Asians and little to no White men and women. And this has been the face for quite some time. Exceptions would be the Carbini Green towers and row houses in Chicago that were Italian, then became Black.

removal of the people

If you’ve been watching over the past years, (at least for those living near projects) there is an attempt to remove the people. And I don’t mean to relocate them to better housing. I am talking about moving them into different neighborhoods so the current land can be built into mixed commercial and residential living. But you can’t just move the people out of their homes.So what do you do, you make the stay highly unpleasant. Force them out by way o making it impossible to live in the conditions.

overcome and triumph

There have been plenty of success stories about men and women who have come from these various areas. They have become well-known athletes, entertainers, doctors, engineers, educators, and politicians. But the odds are so low when looking at the numbers. Because chances are your child born into the projects will raise their children here as well.

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Tree in Front of Establishment

“Small town, small growth.”

our town

Coming from a small town, I know first hand the impacts of a slow growing or even a failing economy. Especially considering the town where I am from Related imageis an industrialized city. A city that once depended on the car companies to sustain the environment. But now what; the automobile industry has been moved overseas and the cities have failed as the companies exited. So what are they (cities) to do? What is the next step for these slow growing or non growth cities?

too small to grow

When you come from a small city of 250,000 then there is room for growth in this environment. But when you come from a town of 10,000 people, what can be built in this city. Every time there is a presidential election we see the candidates visit these small paces. But what can you build in such a small location. And the answer is nothing. Because if you wanted to build in these cities and towns you would have to have a major infrastructural idea that could potentially take decades.

regional collapse

Now, prior, I was talking about towns and small cities. But what about the regional collapse. Because coming from the Midwest, you have an entire region dedicated to manufacturing. Now you have this region falling apart Image result for midwestbecause that entire mass production method has shifted. So what do you do now that manufacturing is a dying means of work. Or at least manufacturing in the sense of manpower.

what to do what to do

As far as the ways to fix the situation, either the regional areas can conform to the new ways in which life is headed or die out. There is no other way. Life is continuously evolving, and if you cannot evolve with it you get left behind. And what’s even more sinister, sometimes, the evolution that must happen is for an entire nation. And don’t for one moment think America can’t fold, it has happened in history to much greater powers.

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