“Getting used to the new normal.”

In this world of the Covid 19 outbreak, we have a lot of things that have shifted around in our country. And the question now remains, especially with a new administration. How do we make the best of this Corona Virus society where everyone has to wear a mask. And even the restaurants have either been closed down or are limiting their capacity by a large amount. So how do people stay in business with the country locked down for nearly a year. But the biggest question of all, is how do we get back to the way things once was before the pandemic.

I still remember the night that the store where I worked closed down. We were only supposed to be closed for about two weeks, but it has now turned into nine months. Then I was contacted by a supervisor and informed the changes. And that’s when I had to make some job shifts. It makes me wonder about how the others are doing. I have been so focused on trying to focus on my own life that I had almost forgot about them. No, luckily for me, my living arrangements have not been effected by the circumstance. It’s month by month, by my situation is much better than a lot of people who have no place to live.

The year 2021 will be a very interesting year to come. A new leader of the country and a new year. The country could see itself going into another lockdown. With that taking place, what will come of so many millions of lives across the country. And it’s not like the world outside of America is safer. The whole world is in trouble. But this country is where I dwell, so like I said earlier, what will come of the country?

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