“What now?”

Since the death of Mike Brown in Missouri, the Black Lives Matter movement went from a saying to an actual political push. Now, with an opportunity to make a real change in the community, where can we take this from here? Because there are racial injustice that must be taken care of as well as inner city community strife. What do I mean by strife, I am referring to the high levels of crime that goes hand and hand with policy that affects a community. But let’s look at the injustice first of all.

When you are growing up in an inner city community, even in times of no crime, there is a relationship between the community and law enforcement that leads to conflicts. And the conflicts have been going on for well over a century. So how do you deal with these problems that exist in the neighborhoods? Well, for starters, you have to be able to decipher as a member of law enforcement between the problems in the community and regular citizens. And that’s tough because the officers in the neighborhood are not from the community that they patrol. But what roles do the community play in the relationships.

Growing up in a community where the police are constantly patrolling, you see the relationship. Now, my uncle was sheriff and I would hear the stories he would tell about the being on the department. And that’s when I realized it’s not all about the law enforcement. The crime that exist in the areas of some major cities will make anyone feel a level of discomfort coming through the area. So the community is fighting two fronts: one from the criminals and the other from law enforcement.

As the movement has grown, there is an opportunity to make it stretch further. And by that I mean economics of the movements ability. Because a major aspect of the community has to do with the lack of resources. And with resources comes with that better schools and jobs, and a decrease in crime. That will put the law enforcement in a bind because you don’t need as many police. But there will always be a criminal element.

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