“The women of 2020.”

When Kamala Harris became the Vice President this Saturday as the announcement was made that Joe Biden had won the presidency it meant something for women. But what does it truly mean? Does this mean that women are now in a position that they have never been in before? Or does this mean just a showing of symbolism? Because if a woman wins this position then there is nothing after that, you can say that it was just a moment in time. Now, do I believe this, no, just like I don’t Barack Obama was and will be the only Black man as president. But we have to look past just the trinkets given.

See, if you vote simply because you have a personal connection, know what you are doing. Because this will be the person in power making decisions that will effect your life. So you could be voting someone into power who could make your life better or a situation could be worsened. America has so many personal feelings when looking at politics. We have a social construct that goes up and beyond to a point where that thing that binds people like gender, race, or religion causes us to support. When in reality, the policies that they put together will give you more freedom or hinder.

To me, I can’t sit here and act as if I know what Kamala Harris will do under the leadership of Joe Biden because then again she is the “VICE” president. How much can she really do to make life better in society. Now, don’t get me wrong, the vice president can still influence the leader of the country. But she may run for the big job in four years. That could prove to be an even bigger impact than she currently has, that is unless this administration doesn’t pan out.

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