Man Using Camera Between Crowd

“Is it all good or going bad?”

the ants go marching one by one

An aspect of American culture is our willingness to continue express ourselves through the freedom of the first Amendment. This rings true when there is someone in a position of power in this country that people feel uncomfortable running the country. Who would think protesting would be in the culture of a nation. But it is something that defines our society is the freedom to peacefully assemble. But my question is where are we going from here with our protest? Because every generation wants something from the ones in charge, so what will our grandchildren being saying about us at a certain time?

swinging pendulum

We see the country taking on this swinging to one side pendulum, but I don’t look at it as swinging to one side or the other. Because even people on the left are getting other people on the left in trouble. So what we are is a nation where we like to see each other get into trouble. And since every threat on the internet must be taken serious, we have to give credit to those who don’t deserve credit. But once you give the the taste of blood, they are not stopping there. You are going to be the wreck of society, which has become a more sinister cultural shift in our society. We know the behavior of this person is like us, but it gives us the ability to pounce on someone; it’s a power move in a world where you have no power.

adopting our methods

You can and will see more and more of people in other countries using America as a measuring tool for how to assemble. Places have seen throughout history how protesting can get things done. Say they take a look at our culture and force decisions in their own systems. And there are times where those types of methods get things down. And then other times it leads to a lot of people getting hurt. But guess what, our methods got so many hurt in the pass to get work accomplished.

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